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He was a broken soul but she was his fire. The fuel that kept him alive.

Natalya's heart felt like it was being ripped out of her chest

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Natalya's heart felt like it was being ripped out of her chest. The feel of her mate's death and her wolf howling into the night in pain and the sadness was tearing her up inside-the song of a broken wolf with no hope. She clutched in the middle of her chest as her knees buckle from underneath her. She fell onto the earthy ground and everything else around her seemed to have disappeared. Her ears were ringing and blackness enthusiastically blurred her vision. She could hear the distant sound of a hurtful scream only to realize it was coming from her.


In a werewolf's life, you live your life around constant companionship but what you yearn for most is the connection of your soulmate--the goddess given blessing that will keep you sane. The only love you crave for the moment you shift.

Natalya felt the bond severed. Her hope to live a life like everyone she knows and cherishing their mates were immediately crushed. Angered at the world and fate for taking someone she barely met, she became cold and pushed everyone away.

That was until one fateful day, she finds a surprise at the Alpha King's arena.

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