What? Are you Kidding me?

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You heard the pit and pat of the water coming out from the shower as you got up from bed, you were sporting an oversized shirt.

Hopefully, he keeps away from any other alcoholic beverages.....next time.

You walked to the closet in his bedroom and fished out clothes to wear before going to the spare bathroom.

He decided to bring you home, so he had to pay.

You were going to wear his clothes....

That thought made a fearsome blush spread across your cheeks faster than a blazing forest fire.

You slapped both of your cheeks and picked out some of his boxers and a shirt.

You tried to ignore the fact that you touched his boxers, hopefully he doesn't comment about it.

You creeped out of his bedroom and into the spare bathroom on the left corridor, keeping in mind to always avoid the right one.


After you finished bathing, you put on his oversized shirt and pair of boxers.

You tried not to thing about the thing he covered with the pair of 'shorts'.

You stepped out of the bathroom, and in those cliché dramas you lived to watch, the male usually cooked something for the female right?

You smiled as a pleasant smell hit your nose, and you heard the clacking of what you assumed was Jimin cooking.


You had to get used to calling him that, so why not start now.

You walked down the stairs quietly, surprised to see the table set and the kitchen light on.

You walked over and almost choked at the sight of Park Jimin in a frilly lace pink apron, spatula at hand with an overly sweet smile.

He looked like a typical housewife......

You heard him curse and suddenly the smell of charred food hit your nose, you felt your eyes water.

He turned around, pan and spatula in hand, eyes wide with panic as he rushed to the sink to drown it in water.

Your ears met the sound of sizzling water as you saw fumes rise.

He turned around to face you, a shy and embarrassed smile on his face.

He still looked cute in the pink apron, and you smiled back.

"You looked like a typical housewife, Jimin." You chuckled, running your hands through the ends of your hair.

He smiled and chuckled along with you, before his eyes became piercing and hot.

His eyes turned from a fluffy little mochi, and into a hot drooling predator in two seconds flat.

You gulped as he stepped closer to you.

"Typical housewife....hm?"

You coughed and ignored him, clearly embarrassed as you avoided eye-contact with the devil.

"Did you burn the food?" You questioned, trying to change the topic.

You heard him short and sigh, as he took off the frilly and lacy apron he was wearing.

He set it on the counter and ran a hand through his hair.

"Yeah..." He mumbled, puffing out his round cheeks.

"I did."

You snorted a little and smiled, walking over to him as the predator aura that surrounded him dispersed into the air.

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