Chapter One

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Okay, I wanted to give back to my readers. Something light, fluffy and filled with some citrusy good times (and some drama). I posted something in my Facebook group: Tufano79's Twilight Fanfiction Appreciation and I got some great ideas. Clo came up with an idea that really captured my attention and I think I can finish it in five chapters. So, thank you to everyone who helped me brainstorm or offered me ideas. If I get a chance, I'll work on writing those, too, but they would lend themselves to a longer story. I wanted something short and sweet.

Summary: Bella, an uptight, cold executive, is on her way home for Christmas. The first Christmas she's been home since she started working for the Fortune 500 company that hired her from college, almost ten years ago. The only reason why she's going home is to meet her brother's new wife and her parents threatened to cut her out of the will if she didn't make time to see her family. However, it's snowing, a blizzard and Bella's car wasn't really designed for the cold. Or snow. Or anything other than sunny, perfect weather.

Edward Cullen is alone on Christmas Eve, working, as usual. His family was long gone and all he had left was his family business, Cullen Towing Service and Garage, though that wasn't going well for him. Business was slow. His bills were piling up and he was afraid he was going to lose his livelihood if something didn't turn around. Over the radio, he heard about a stranded driver, stuck on the back road. Edward pulled on his winter coat, gloves and started his truck, driving to the location.

A small sports car was stuck in a ditch, almost completely covered with snow. A beautiful woman, wearing heels and a fur coat was shivering outside her car. Edward immediately recognized her as the girl he once knew and had secretly crushed on for years. Her brother, Jasper, pretty told him to fuck off and said that she was too good for him, a grease-monkey, a blue-collar boy.

Can this uptown girl fall for a guy with grease on his hands?

Mechanics and Mistletoe

Chapter One


"Yes, I heard you," I snapped as I tossed my luggage into the trunk of my car. "I'm unavailable this weekend. I have to go home. Christmas or some shit like that. My brother, Jasper, he made my mother guilt-trip me into coming home. They've got an announcement or something."

"But, we have that meeting first thing on Wednesday morning, Swan!" yelled my boss, Peter. "You're the only person who can get this shit done. It better fucking be done!"

"And it'll get done, Peter. I promise," I said, pinching my nose and breathing deeply. "I haven't taken any time off since you hired me, top of my class, from University of Chicago. I'm taking three days off, but I will be there for the meeting on Wednesday. Don't get your boxers in a twist, man."

"Fine, fine," Peter grumbled. "Don't die on me, Swan, driving out to the fucking boonies."

"Why would I do that, Peter? I'll see you in a couple of days. Merry Christmas, even though I know you're more like Scrooge than anyone else."

"Bah humbug," he grunted, laughing lowly.

"You, too, old man," I sang, ending the call and tossing it into the front seat of my Porsche. The sports car, flashy and ostentatious as it was, it was my gift to myself when I became senior vice president of acquisitions of the company I worked at, rising through the ranks within ten years, earning my MBA and being known in the industry as the Black Swan. I was beautiful, but ruthless in the board room. It was a title I held near and dear to my heart. I was proud of it.

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