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"ready montgomery"
isabella asked as they boarded the plane

"well no but"
he laughed

"you'll be great she already loves you"
isabella smiled as they sat down

"what about your brother"
dacre asked

"guess we'll find out"
she answered

"that doesn't help"
he glared

"he'll love you calm down"
isabella laughed

"you better be right"
he said

"i am now hold my hand cause a bitch is scared"
she said

dacre laughed taking her hand in his and holding it tightly

"why do you fly so much if you hate it"
dacre asked

"if you haven't noticed i've only been flying for you"
isabella said

"i love you"
he said with a laugh

"i love you too"
she said with a glare

"god i hated that"
isabella sighed when they landed

"you did great"
dacre smiled

isabella mocked him as they stood up grabbing their bags exiting the plane. once they were done waiting for their bags in baggage claim they got a cab to isabella's mom's house

isabella yelled excitedly standing outside the house

dacre shook his head with a laugh as isabella knocked

"why don't you just walk in"
dacre asked

"it's to late now"
isabella shrugged

"oh my god dacre sweetie how are you"
isabella's mom said engulfing dacre in a hug

"i'm so offended"
isabella said looking at her brother who was behind her mother

"she did the same thing when she met mine"
her brother laughed

"it's nice to meet you miss williams"
dacre said with a smile

"oh please call me joan"
her mom said

"i'm alex"
her brother said with a smile holding out his hand

he replied with the same smile

once they all said their hello's they walked inside & sat down on the couch

"where's your dad"
dacre asked

"i've been asking myself that for twenty years"
isabella said

dacre said

"it's okay"
isabella laughed

"so you two love together"
alex asked

isabella nodded

"but with joe"
he asked

"hey i couldn't leave joe all by himself"
isabella laughed

"so this is your old room"
dacre asked

"yes sir"
isabella smiled flopping on her bed

he said sarcastically

"screw you"
isabella laughed

"you already are"
dacre smirked

"i hate you"
isabella laughed throwing a pillow at him

"i'm gonna go to bed i'll see you two in the morning"
joan said with a soft smile

"okay i love you"
isabella said

"i love you too"
joan said going to her room

"did you have fun today"
isabella asked turning her head to dacre

"of course"
dacre said with a light smile as he turned on his side

"are still mad at me"
she questioned

"no darling"
he laughed

"are you sure"
she said

"yes now be quiet"
he smiled leaning down and kissing her

isabella smiled kissing back pulling him down a bit before pulling away

isabella laughed

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