09. where pj prefers blondes

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"W-what do you mean no? I mean, why not?" Calum turned her around to face him with his hands firmly on her hips.

"Diego won't let me, he always says that whenever a boy wants to be with me he has to get his and Pj's blessing first. You might have to get Josh's too." She grabbed onto his forearms and looked up at him.

"Well I'm sure that won't be too hard, I'm extremely likable." Calum said smiling to himself.

Bella pulled away and went into her walk in closet and changed into pale blue sweat shorts that went up just a bit too high and a cream white cotton crop top, which made her chest look bigger, she went to the mirror putting a blue bow on her half ponytail.

"I should pack some extra things before we eat dinner. You can go check out your room and maybe talk to Diego a bit?" She bit her lip smiling at Calum.

"I will, see you in a bit." Calum went over to her, cupped her face and kissed her forehead. He started out the door.

"Calum?" Bella called out to him holding a shirt against her chest.


"Be careful around Diego, he doesn't really get along with guys that are bigger than him." She bit her lip holding back a giggle and then turned back around.

Calum frowned to himself, then chuckled. He had no idea what she meant by that. Diego was almost as tall as him and had some muscle on him. Would he really notice the slight differences? He walked out of her room and down the hall to the living room and spotted Diego trying to pick up a huge suitcase by himself. Of course, Cal's first instinct was to go help him.

"Dude, I got this." Diego said continuing with his struggle.

"I don't mind helping." Calum said reaching down and lifting most of the weight. The suitcase came into the air and both of the boys carried it out towards the bus in the huge backyard of Bella's Beverly Hills home. Diego turned around leading them down the walkway to the driveway, he rolled his eyes to himself and sighed.

"We'll just leave it by the door, Edward's got it from here." Diego huffed and left the suitcase there, he started making his way back to the house and Calum wanted to help and also make some conversation.

"Hey Dieg-"

"Calum! Hey!" Jayden Seeley went up to the boy and tapped his arm. Calum snapped his head towards Jayden but then looked back to see Diego had already gone back.

"What's up, man?" Calum smiled kindly at Jayden.

"I was just wondering, I mean you've been hanging out with them for a while, and I just wanted to know, if you know, if Josh's cousin Bella is single?" Jayden raised an eyebrow and bit his lip. Calum got uncomfortable quick and maybe started overthinking his answer a bit too much.

"No she's- I mean yes, she is bu-" Calum stuttered.

"Alright, thanks man." Jayden patted Cal's chest and walked towards the house.

Calum wanted to keep Jayden away from Bella but there was no possible way he could without selling his plans out to woo her family to him. He wanted to call Jayden out because she was underage but he realized it was just as bad for him to be going after her.

"UGGGHHH" Calum kicked a rock towards the back house.

"Woah there I'm gonna call the rock police on you." Davina laughed at her own stupid joke.

"Heh." Calum pretended to find it amusing but failed, too focused on his Jayden problem.

"What's wrong, BassBoy?" She questioned with her eyebrow raised, softly smack-patting his peck.

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