Chapter 2- Brianna (Rewritten)

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Chapter 2- Brianna

"So what is the big news you have to tell us?" Dad asked me as we all sat around the Kitchen table.

I couldn't help but think of the irony of the situation. It was at this same kitchen table that I told them I was pregnant two years ago.

I was really nervous at how they were going to react to the news about Brianna, but I didn't care either way because I was getting my daughter back, but it would mean the world to me to have their support. I feel like I know her so well from all the moments Gina and Tom shared with me, and I couldn't wait to meet her. I just wish it was under better circumstances.

"Honey what is it?" My mom asked trying to mask the worry in her voice.

I took in a deep breath and dived into the whole story. Mom and Dad couldn't believe the news of Tom and Gina's death. They really liked them and thought I made a good choice in picking them for Brianna's parents. They were also very excited to get to meet their granddaughter for the first time even though tragedy had struck. They also agreed with me that keeping Brianna was the best option since I was a little older- nearly eighteen and I was her biological mother. 

"I just hope you are prepared for this," Mom said. "Raising a child in no easy task. From now on your life will be different. No more time for yourself. You'll always have to put Brianna first. If that means, skipping hanging out with your friends because your daughter is sick or because the babysitter canceled, so be it. You do what you have to do."

"I know, mom. I'll always put Bree first. Always."

She gave me a gentle smile and patted my hand. "Good." 

"When does she get here?" Dad asked, his eyes full of light.

"Today. In a few hours actually." I stated, looking at the owl clock on the wall.

"What why didn't you tell us sooner?" Dad questioned.

"Well I just found out yesterday myself and you and mom have been so busy lately with work and stuff, I just didn't have the chance," I confessed. "I tried to call you both yesterday and you weren't home when I went to bed, so here we are. I couldn't exactly tell you on voicemail." 

"Well I guess we better hurry then." Mom said, getting up from her chair. 

"Hurry?" I asked confused. "Hurry for what?"

"To get her room ready." She stated as if were obvious. "We can clean out the upstairs room beside yours and let her use that one, and it already has a twin bed so that's helpful. Oh and I just bought... "

She rambled on but I just tuned her out, she was mainly just talking to herself anyway. Either way it sound like a big job so I needed to put on some old clothes and help her. I started to walk out of the kitchen when my mom stopped me.

"Where do you think you're going little missy?" My mom asked.

"Um... to change clothes?" I said more like a question, not sure what she wanted me to do.

"No, I need you to go to the department store downtown to get me those pink curtains we saw the other day."

This was my mom's work side coming out; she is an interior decorator so she already knew what she wanted done. I knew there was no getting out of it so I decided to do it and get it over with. I was her employee now. She gave me the money and I left.

Fifteen minutes later I pulled up outside the store and went in. I found the curtains she wanted and then wondered over to the kids section to browse the toys and clothes. There were all different kinds of toys on the shelves; I was trying to find just the right thing to get her when I suddenly found something that grabbed my attention. It was the tower from the movie Tangled with Rapunzel and her pet lizard Pascal. I knew she loved Rapunzel from what Gina told me. I picked up the toy and walked out of the kids section and rounded the corner to the clothes. 

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