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"peon ass nigga,Levi's and adidas ass nigga, high point having ass nigga" - to.s


"That tree need more ornaments" kd Came Up begins me and Said.

"No shit" I looked at him with a duh face.

"just telling you" he threw his hands up.

"Let me go before I go off on this dummy" I mumbled to myself.

"I heard that and can you bring me back some McDonald's.

"Sure Kd Text me what you want" I rolled my eyes and walked out the door.

I walked into Esha And Boomer kissing outside on the porch.

I made a throw up noise and walked past them.

"Shut Up And Go suck yb dick" Boomer Yelled after me.

I spun around on my tippy toes and flicked him off before spinning back around and walking to my car.


"Yeah ma what twas and what brand" I asked her as I looked around the ornament isle.

"Baldwin brass is the brand" she told me.I nodded as if she could see me.

"Ok" I Said and hung up.I picked up the box of ornaments.

I started to walk down the isle and right when I got to the end I bumped in to somebody.

"Yo, watch where yo-" I heard a familiar voice say and when I looked up I noticed it was two people I never thought I'd see together.

"What the fuck, Miyah, And Jania" I looked at them confused. Jania just stood there looking like she was waiting for this moment for the longest.

"Kalanee I- " Miyah started to say.

"Miyah I- don't even care you flake ass bitch" I Said.

"How you stop talking to us just to start fucking with Jania, Like Out Of all people her?, Wait till I tell Everybody" I shook my head.

She didn't say anything she just stood there looking stupid.

"And I'm finna go because I would have both of y'all blood scattered across this store but I don't wanna be in jail for Christmas" I went off.

"We both know you not bout it Kalanee" Jania taunted.

"And your just mad I stole yOUR nigga" she did that stupid ass aggravating ass laugh.

I laughed creepily and snatched her by hair and then sling her into the wall and watched as all of the cans fell from of the shelf.

"Miyah You Already know what the fuck I be bout so don't even try it" I gave her a fake smile and stepped over Jania with the ornaments still in my hand.

After I left and got in my car I call my Og.

"Wassup" she answered.

"Ma how bout I just say Miyah And Kentrell lil bitch at the store together" I told her Laughing.

"What you did" she asked and I could just see the face she made.

"Nothing, just slammed her head into the wall and left" I shrugged as if she could see me.

She laughed before she finna ly said something again. "If the police come to the house looking for you Imma show them exactly where your room at" She Said And I covered my chest.

"You supposed to tell them I'm not there or some shit" I told her shocked.

"Why so they can take me in for questioning, nope to much work when I can just lead them right to you and go on about my business" she played around.

"Hold On I'm finna go" I said.

"What you mean you finna go" She Asked.

"I'm going to find a new Og" I Said fake crying.

"Bye, And take Kd with you" she hung up in my face.

I opened my mouth wide as if I was surprised.

When I got home all I needed to do was put the rest of these ornaments on this tree and then I could chill for the rest of the day since I finished shopping for everybody and I had nothing else to do.


When I got back Everybody was up sitting on the couch watching home alone and eating popcorn.

"Well damn I leave for 30 Minutes And yall have a whole movie night without me" I Said when I walked in.

"You not my daughter no more" My Og Looked at me.

"I'm not but I'm still apart of this family" I explained

"Wait what" kd looked around confused.

"Nothing" I waved it off.

"Come sit" My Pops patted the spot on the couch next to him.

I went over and sat down.He pulled me close to him and I laid my head on his shoulder and watched the movie.


I can't yall its like the chapters getting worse and worse but that's because I'm too busy working on other books.

I'm sorry🤦🏽‍♀️!!!

But these new books gonna be good🤗!!!

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