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"Caught him slipping, blowed his Brains Out Nobody Said who did it" - y.b

(A/N: I know I'm late🤦🏽‍♀️ I been busy Asf! And i had and still have writers block🙂)


"Shit No, this Christmas tree big as fuck" I looked at the tree as KD,My Pops and Beenie helped put the tree up.

"I'm saying" Esha agreed.

"Lil girl watch your mouth" My Pops looked at me.

"My bad" I shrugged.

"Yeah it's gone be yo bad when you getting your mouth washed out with soap" he pointed his finger at me.

"Nobody does that anymore" I chuckled.

"Yeah huh, this one girl washed her mouth out with soap after she gave me top" Kd blurted Out Causing the whole room to burst into laughter even my Og was laughing from her room.

"KD I don't think you was supposed to say that out loud" I shook my head as I caught my breath from laughing.

"I don't think So either" he shrugged.

"Done" He Said as they got finished setting up the tree.

"MA! Come on so we can decorate this thing" I Yelled.

"Why yall even got that tree this late anyway" Kd Asked and flopped down on the couch.

"Because I was waiting for my Og to get back and plus  I forgot so" I shrugged and opened the box with all of the ornaments in it.

This year we were doing a White and gold tree.

"Everybody come help" I Said and Started to put the ornaments on the tree.

"Where Miyah" My mom asked when she walked I to the Living room.

"I don't know she just stopped coming around after Ben couldn't be around Kentrell" I Said.

"Mmm" she made a face.

"Maybe she don't want to leave him and come with us and have fun knowing he can't come" Esha Said.

"That could be true, or maybe she just not fucking with us" I Said.

"fuck it we not losing sleep either way" My Og waved us off and started to put ornaments on the tree.

I laughed and continued to decorate.


"Ma you think NeeNee would like this" I pulled the chain out of the bag.

"shit, boy you gone have to do a lot more than give her a necklace" she laughed.

"mane I tried to talk to her but she won't listen to me and I'm Trynna tell her I'm sorry" I put my head in my hands and sighed.

"Well, you shouldn't cheated on her,push her, and then try to make her mad with Jaliyah" she shrugged and bit her sandwich.

"It's Jania" I mumbled and twisted my hair.

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