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"Don't you act like you don't think about the past And all the great sex we had, don't act like you just don't care" - pnb.r


I laid my head down on my pillow and sighed sending another text to NeeNee.I really didn't mean to push her like that and I know I was wrong. Nobody talk to me no more except Montana fat ass. It seem like everything going bad now that I'm with Jania.

What's even worse is I can't even talk to my right hand man.Ben.Stupid ass judge.I picked up my styrofoam cup and sipped some lean as I scrolled down my time line on Instagram.

I picked up my styrofoam cup and sipped some lean as I scrolled down my time line on Instagram

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pretty.neenee: ...living life wyd💎¿¿ 📸:upshit.kaleb

I liked the picture and tapped the @ and some bitch ass nigga popped up I tapped on one of his pictures and seen Kalanee had liked it and put heart eyes.This must be her new nigga but it's no way she moved on from me that fast.

"fuck!"I yelled out and threw my phone out.

"What's wrong baby" Jania rubbed my shoulders.

"just don't touch me mane" I shrugged her hands off me.

"Kentrell I'm tired of you treating me like this, I know I'm not NeeNee but Im your girlfriend and I love you" She Said like she was about to cry.

"Yea you not NeeNee that's the fucking problem don't you see!" I Yelled moving my arms around.

"whatever when ever you done being mad you can come talk to me" she rolled her eyes and

She left out of the room slamming the door.Imma just take this time to call NeeNee.

I hesitated at first but then tapped her name which said neenee💔.

I clicked it and it ring for a while before she finally picked up I ddint think she would answer so a nigga was happy.

"Kaleb s-Stop you play too much" She Said as she laughed at the same time.

I swear it felt like somebody just stabbed me in the heart when I heard her say that.

"Hello"I finally spoke.

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