"why you acting like you single all of a sudden" He Looked at me confused.

"Don't worry about it"I shook my head and answered the FaceTime call that I was getting from a unknown number.

"Wassam" the boy smiled showing his white teeth as he played in his curls.

"Yoo" I Said Back.

I looked over at kd and he was looking shocked.

"nope i gotta Tell Kentrell about this I'm not letting my homie go out like that" he finally said.

"I don't give a fuck like I said before fuck Kentrell" I rolled my neck and looked back down at the phone seeing the boy laughing.

"Damn you ain't even have to go off on me infront of dude" He Said And I just shook my head.

"Yo Name Kalanee Right?" The Boy Asked.

"Yeah" I nodded.

"Well I'm Kaleb you can call me big daddy though" he joked.

I laughed "Nah Imma Stick With Kaleb" I assured him.

We just kept talking and Talking about random stuff. I feel like I can actually be friends with dude.


Yeah.I got Kentrell again and this time for good.I got something for That NeeNee Bitch it's gone break her little heart....but idc.

I laughed as I poked a hole in the condom with a Needle.Now He Gone Be Saying He 18 With 5 babies lol.

"Kentrellll" I called him Innocently.

"Yeah,You Ready" He asked as he walked into the room.

"Yes" I smiled and sat on the bed then handed him the condom.

I tried not to laugh as I watched him open it then pull his pants down.

"Watchu smirking Fa" he looked at me as he opened the condom with his teeth.

"nothing" I turned my head the other way.

"C'mon" he waved me over.

I scooted to the other side of the bed by him.

"Bend ova" he demanded and I did as told.

He gone hate me after this but imma have his baby so he can't hate me too much right.


I scrolled down Instagram and laid my head on Kd's shoulder as he watched Stranger things.Me and Kd sit and watch this literally all day I'm surprised we didn't finish it yet.

"What episode you say you stopped at" Kd side eyed me.He Called his self mad because I watched two episode with out him.

"Season 2 episode 5" I Told Him.

"Ight" He clicked on it and started watching it.

I looked back down at my phone refreshing my Time Line and saw Nobody But Kentrell.

I looked back down at my phone refreshing my Time Line and saw Nobody But Kentrell

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I liked it and kept scrolling.As soon as I liked it He Came walking through the door.

I watched him walk in and walk him bow legged ass right over to me.

He tried to come kiss me but I moved.

"What's wrong with you" He scrunched his face up.

He must really think I'm stupid.

"Nothing just not in the mood"I played it off.

"You ain't been in the mood for the past two weeks" he shot back.

I smiled "Kentrell I suggest you leave me the fuck alone before I hurt you"

"Nah fuck that I ain't do shit to you so why the fuck you facetiming niggas and acting like you single!" He Yelled In my face.

"The same reason you Fucking Jania!"I laughed and yelled at him.

His face softened "Ne-" He Tried To say.

I just shook my head. "Just leave me alone please"

"It's not even-" he started. I walked into the kitchen and grabbed a knife.

"Shit she got a knife!" KD Yelled jumping behind the couch.

"Say it's not even like that so I can say stab you on purpose by accident" I waved the knife around.

"On purpose by accident" kd mumbled looking confused.

"It's not even like that" He Tried to touch me and I stabbed him in his side.

"ahhh FUCK!" He screamed and looked at his side and touched it watching the blood pour out.

"You should get to the hospital" I Fake smiled at Sat the knife down on the Counter.

"You ah fucking Psychopath" he looked at me crazy.

"wowwww You now big words now" I looked surprised "oh and next time imma cut ya dick off". I told him grabbing my phone off the couch and walking to his room.


I'm finna take me a nap🤪.


Next few chapters gone be a lil short😬

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