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all dan wants to be is normal.

he can't walk past anyone besides his family without being stared at, and even sometimes his relatives would stare, as if they haven't seen him a thousand times. he's made fun of by other kids his age because of how he looks.

dan howell is twelve at the moment, and his life is drastically different. unlike other kids, with their innocent, young, freckled faces and full heads of hair, he has none of that, but instead, bald and wrinkles. his hearing is terrible and his eyesight is worse. he has old-person pains, as he calls it.

"freak!" one kid he's never seen before calls, throwing at him a snowball. "go die in the coffin you belong in!"

gosh, people can be so cruel, dan thinks, especially when you don't look like them at all.

dan put an extra spring in his step, speeding up as he pulled his hood over his head.

more snow smashed against it, getting him cold and soaked. it was just annoying at this point, but dan saw it as karma.

with the disease known as progeria, dan's doctors expected him to live to about 13 1/2. he was always confident he could live past that.

progeria is a disease that causes kids to age rapidly. they die, usually from 14-20. dan believed he could make it to teenagehood before he passed on.

he had had a very interesting twelve years, doing things and going places most would never do, but he had never once gone to school. he had heard terrible things, but none the less, he was curious.

according to doctors, he had less than nine months to go. he wanted to give it a go, but his mom refused. he was going to try to state another point when he got home.

dan continued his long walk through the park, feeling all eyes on him. a baby burst into tears when he passed, and more snowballs were thrown at him. he kept walking, however, because he was used to this.

he didn't care anymore, because what was one kid against a world of discrimination?

when he finally arrived home, his younger brothers jamie and quinn were playing with friends, building snow-forts. his friends politely waved back as he waved at them, but it held no sincerity.

"dan!" jamie ran up and hugged dan, with a grin on his face. "come see our snow-fort!"

dan chuckled softly, nodding, as jamie led him to the bigger of the two, where his best friend, quinn, was stacking snowballs.

"heya, dan!" quinn beamed, and a smile broke through dan's lips.

"hi quinn." he rasped. sometimes, it seemed that quinn and jamie were the only ones in this world who didn't reject him.

the fort was big enough for the three of them to have leg room, and there was a well-carved hole in the front with snowballs. dan realized a second later what it meant, the same moment quinn pushed dan down, and a snowball flew where his head was less than a minute ago. jamie hit one of the other boys in the other fort in the face.

"oh, it's on!" cried moe, who was in the other fort. he grinned, and a snowball hit dan in the side of the head.

dan threw one back, because unlike the boy in the park, this was in good spirit. it was fun and light-hearted, innocent, per-say.

after a bit more time, as not to over-exert himself, he went inside, shaking the snow off of his jeans and boots, hanging his jacket to dry.

"dan! welcome home!" his mother smiled, pulling him into a hug. sometimes dan felt that she was the only one who accepted him.

mother's love?

yes, i'm aware dan only has one brother, but i hope everyone realizes that they wish we leave him out of the phandom, so i'm respecting that, and instead giving him twin younger brothers

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yes, i'm aware dan only has one brother, but i hope everyone realizes that they wish we leave him out of the phandom, so i'm respecting that, and instead giving him twin younger brothers. deal with it.

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