Chapter Two: Secrets Out

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I sat on the couch in my living room in between Chad and Michelle. It was our movie night but I also had a feeling that it pushed more so due to the fact that I had just broken up with Aidan.  I glanced up at the slasher film in boredom. I hadn’t spoken to Aidan since our whole falling out outside of his car a few days ago. He hadn’t called me or texted me since. It was really over. Our relationship was as dead as the girl in this movie.

I shoved popcorn in my mouth as I stared dryly at the scene.

“This movie sucks,” I said finally.

“Chad picked it out,” Michelle said glaring at him.

“The lady at the video store recommended it to me,” Chad said rolling his eyes. “Jeez, I’ll turn it off.”

“Thank the lord,” I muttered as I sat back on the couch. I chewed on a twizzler as I sighed deeply. We each pulled out our phones and played on them. I was hoping that there would be some sort of text from Aidan but there wasn’t.  I shoved my phone in my pocket, just as Michelle jumped up.

“Oh . . . my . . . god!” She exclaimed with a look of pure shock.

“What?” Chad said as he grabbed her cell phone from her hand. He was in shock too. He couldn’t even tell me what had happened he was in so much shock. I stood up and grabbed the phone from their hands. I picked it up and glanced at the scene. It was a photo of Aidan and I in his car, kissing. I dropped the phone as my heart literally stopped.

“How did you get this photo?” I asked in shock. My heart felt like it was beating outside of my chest. I dropped the phone on the ground and left it there.

“It’s a mass text message,” Michelle said shaking her head.

“Who sent it out?” I said my hands shaking.

“Doesn’t say – the number was blocked but it was sent to everybody who’s anybody,” Michelle nodded.

“It’s even on Facebook and instagram,” Chad said scrolling through his phone.

“Oh my god, what if Aidan thinks I’m the one who did this? He’ll never speak to me again,” I lamented. “Oh my god! Oh my god. I think I’m going to die.”

I dramatically fell onto the couch clutching my chest. Chad mumbled what sounded like drama queen underneath his breath. I ran to my room and grabbed my laptop. I scrolled onto my Facebook to see I had forty-five new notifications. I clicked onto the picture that I was tagged in. It already has about sixty comments on the bottom of it. I swallowed hard as I scrolled through them.

This is photo shopped.

If this is photo shopped, then Kyle Lions is more of a desperate loser than I thought.

Aidan Samuels is gay. Never would have seen that coming.

Why couldn’t he go gay for me?

All I see are two fags.


Aidan Samuels and Kyle Lions!????

Kyle Lions is such a faggot loser. Aidan Samuels is not gay. Kyle Lions probably just photo shopped this picture to cause drama. He’s such an attention whore. He has no friends and no life. He should just kill himself.

I slammed my laptop shut closed as I slid across the table. Chad and Michelle rushed to my side as they tried to comfort me. I couldn’t stop the tears from falling from my eyes. I couldn’t believe this was happening. Is this a punishment for wanting people to know about Aidan and I? Now people knew about us but most of them thought that it was a lie.

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