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Warning: Family abuse, Blood, Insults and other things that can affect the sensibility of the reader

No further talk, SAVE THE LOVE!


Don't Wanna Be Saved

Your POV

Just one more, one more hit and all of this is over...

Chained to the roof, my wrists are bleeding due to the pressure that the metal causes in them. My eyes feel tired and the world around me doesn't stop moving. My bare chest being the only thing left intact in this torture.

The whip came crashing down into my back for the last time, my screams being muted by the soundproof walls. No clothes covering my body, my legs feel weak, my mind is just one step from being crazy, maybe you are wondering who is behind all of this...

...My mother.

That's right, the human that gave me life and that is supposed to take care of me with all of her heart is sending me to my almost death, day by day will be the same.

Why are you like that?! Behave yourself! That girl will not come here and save you!

The reason for her doing this to her daughter is simple for her, I'm into girls. I don't like boys, although I have some male friends, they were never my type. The girl my mother is talking about is the School Council President from Otonokizaka, part of the idol group Muse and also the one that has been indirectly supporting me to not lose my head.

Ayase Eli. She is simply the most amazing girl you will ever see. Her long blonde hair, her delicate blue eyes and her exceptional figure makes me smile every single day of my life.

"Go on, you need to sleep, tomorrow you have school" My mother always finished with an innocent smile, going back to the moment we used to laugh and bake some cakes every day. She opened the chains that covered my wrists and carried me towards my room, letting my consciousness vanish as she covered my wrists with bandages and treated my back for not having any mark in the future.

We are actually the family that is on top of every member of society actually, my mother is CEO of the most successful company here in Japan, that's why she always treats my wounds because if something were to be discovered all of her fortune will be instantly gone and will be passed to me once I reach the necessary age to work properly.

During my sleep, I always dream of Eli-san, saving me from my mother and all of these tortures to which I am submitted every day of my life, but once I wake up, I wished that would never happen, if Eli-san was to discover the actions of my mother then my mother will easily send someone to hurt her or even worse, to kill her.

That's why I don't say a word, even though having my own power to say to someone that my mother is actually abusing me, because that someone will be missing the next day.

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