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Diana's pov

I smile to myself as I look through all these posts when suddenly Hayley's words from last night mess up with my mind. I sigh heavily. Maybe she's right. I make a plan to fly off from L.A tomorrow morning. I know this is just the right thing to do. I breathe in and let out.

Hayley's pov

'welllll...... okay look I just gotta pls don't trust Diana again like pls I beg you Anna!!'

'wh-what wh-y?? she look fine to me! She's fun, kind, beautiful, always gives the best advice. I just admire so much. She's like a sister to me, Hay!' Anna responded. I cant just let it be. I have to make a story up.

'okay so last night we talked.'


'we talked about the truths. I asked her if she really loves Daniel. And she said yea but its all just a fake love I mean she's not really into him but she's into the fame. I mean u get what I mean??' I pray so hard in my heart that this gonna work. I know Anna have always trust on me.

'what do you mean ???? I don't think so' she chuckled.

'well if you don't believe. Its fine. Im just telling you and you should tell you bro! but pls don't mention my name in it!!'

'no I don't think so she's like that. I know her quite well!' she kinda raise her voice at the end of the sentence.

'like I said,if u don't believe me, its fine but u guys have to take care of yourself. Look she's now kinda famous cos of who?? Why don't we!! And yes look !! im scared after that she'll dump your brother just like that cos she has got what she wants.' I said.

Anna sigh heavily through the phone. 'ok I'll talk to my bro. just tell me any info about her ok?'

'okay sure bye sweetie' I smile from ear to ear. It's a success!!

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