2018 message: One Last Chance WAS created, but eventually left abandoned for years. Because of that, I decided to remove it, since I was never going to update it or finish it. Sorry, but I have better stories that you can check out! 

Hello there, Unicorn solider. *Salutes*

You have come to the end of College Life. Don't cry though! If you are reading this, then it's most likely that the sequel "One Last Chance" is already published! So head on to my profile, check my works and start reading the second book to Rayne and Jesse's story.

What to expect from the sequel:

The first thing you will notice is that the story has better grammar. Right off the bat you will be laughing and experiencing heavy period flow as you feel the sexiness of the characters. The story will be like College Life, only that the emotions and events will be more intense. The humor will be funnier. The sadness more depressing. The arousal more . . . arousalness. There will be plenty for you to enjoy.

Will they get back together again?

You silly sinner. You have to read One Last Chance to find out!

I hate Rayne.

He hates you too.

How long will the sequel be?

A nipple long

I have a question.

I have an answer.

You suck at writing, maybe you should stop?

I'll stop when that giant mole on your face stops growing.

Why does Rayne sound American and not Irish?

Because I'm an ignorant American who believes we are the only country in the world. Also because I'm not Irish and I don't have the patience to google on how to speak Irish. And it's not like you can hear his accent. So wutdafuq.

Will there be any naughty scenes? ;)

Each person that asks me this question will get a personal message from Satan.

I heard there are lesbians in this story, is that true?

Yes. Lesbians. Are cool. So yes. There are lesbians.

Is this story safe for children?


One Last Chance book description:

One year later and Jesse and Rayne are put to the test when both of them agree to do a reality television show. They both meet for the first time in so long and as expected, it's emotionally draining. Their summer is going to be a very exciting one, because they're joined by two other exes that will help them through their emotional rollercoaster. One Last Chance will be a show that is going to be remembered by many. Three ex couples are put into a beach house for one summer. The drama that awaits them will be their final decision. Will they stay together or will they remain as exes?

Trailer video to the side of the page

also enjoy a picture of bacon taped to a cat.

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