Chapter 1

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“Today is going to be interesting” I thought to myself as I peeked through the door of our ridiculously gigantic kitchen and watched my mother bustle around frantically trying to finish all the appetizers she was making.

I didn’t understand what all the fuss was about. It’s not like some dignitary was visiting or something, it was just a mixer of our pack and my uncle‘s. These mixers were done so that the young wolves of each pack had a chance to meet one another and find their mate. It was basically every matchmaking mama’s dream. We’ve had a few already with some of the neighboring packs, so I knew what to expect, but my mother didn’t fuss this much with those, so what was so different about this one?

I was about to sneak in and steal one of those little pigs in a blanket that my mom had just placed on the edge of the island closest to me, when my dad entered the kitchen through the other door.

“Honey, if you keep stressing over this mixer, you’re going to run yourself ragged.” he cooed to her as he stepped in her pathway to take her in his arms. I knew what was coming, a lovey dovey encounter, and I so did not want to witness what would probably be the millionth one and counting, so I started to silently retreat when my mother’s words had me pausing.

“I know but this one is important for Ari. You know we found each other at a mixer between my father’s pack and yours, and I can’t help but hope the same will happen for Ari.” she gushed.


Oh hell no! That’s why my mom was so excited about this one? She was the worst of the matchmaking mama’s. Always having me put on dresses and make my hair nice and shiny. Telling me to be nice and friendly, show them my wonderful personality. I know she had the best of intentions, but there was one problem with this whole thing.

I didn’t want a mate. Not now. Not ever.

It’s not that I was against the whole mate concept, or even romance for that matter. I was, in fact, a big fan of romance and I had almost every Susan Elizabeth Phillips and Nora Roberts book ever written in my book shelf. I just didn’t want any of that for myself. Hearing of my dad and mom’s rough past was the main reason I felt this way. My dad cheated on my mom repeatedly in the beginning of their mating, eventually causing my mom to break her part of the bond and leave while pregnant with me. She found love with a human named Tristan and then married him, allowing me to have two dads. Things were complicated for awhile, and my dad had to fight their bond, but eventually he chose to give my mom the happiness she deserved and ended his side of the bond breaking their mating completely. Things were great after that, my dad was sad from time to time but he was always the best father a girl could have. Unfortunately, my dad Tristan died of a brain aneurism 7 years ago. It was a hard time for my mother and I, but my dad helped us both through it, especially my mom, which is how they reconnected, and two years after my dad Tristan’s death, they got married

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