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Seulgi: Jimiiiin!

Seulgi: Jimiinieee!

Seulgi: Chiiimm!

Seulgi: Christian Chim Chim!

Seulgi: Jiminie Pabo!

Jimin: What did you just call me?

Seulgi: I think I don't need to state the obvious

Jimin: You're with that obvious thing again.

Seulgi: but because you're pabo, I'm going to say that you're stupid.

Seulgi: again.

Jimin: D*mn seul

Jimin: but I heard your voice while reading your message.

Jimin: And I think it's cute. Ah no, it's really cute.

Jimin: Gwaenchanha seul. Gwaenchanha.

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