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"that was a great breakfast honestly truly"
isabella said taking the keys from joe

dacre yelled

joe yelled back

dacre glared

"we still have six hours y'all chill"
isabella laughed getting in the drivers seat

"ten hours my ass dacre"
joe said

"well in my defense i'm not from here"
dacre defended

"you guys sound like children shut up"
isabella said

joe said

"i know right"
dacre agreed

"oh my god"
isabella laughed rolling her eyes turning up the radio

"we're here"
isabella yawned

"you need a nap"
dacre laughed

"i do"
she laughed getting out grabbing her bag

dacre smiled grabbing his bag & waking up joe. once joe woke up they made their way to their room. isabella flopping on the bed with a sigh

"the people with the dog get off work in two hours so goodnight"
isabella mumbled

dacre laughed laying beside her wrapping his arms around her

isabella smirked

dacre laughed

"ima watch tv uglies"
joe said walking through the joint door into his room

"are you going to sleep too"
isabella mumbled into his chest

"maybe i might watch tv i don't know yet but you go ahead i'm not going anywhere"
dacre smiled placing a kiss on her head

"okay goodnight"
isabella laughed lightly

dacre laughed

"hey rats wake up"
joe said shaking them

"i miss when you were nice"
isabella mumbled

"i'll be nice when we get the dog but if you don't wake up we don't get the dog SO WAKE YOUR ASSES UP"
joe said getting his shoes on

isabella said putting her hair into a ponytail getting up

"i told myself i'd look nice for them but i'm to tired"
dacre yawned putting his shoes on

"oh well"
isabella shrugged putting her shoes on as well

joe asked

they both nodded making their way out the door

isabella yelled from inside the car

"yeah get it out of your system while they can't hear us"
dacre laughed

isabella yelled

"let's go then"
joe laughed getting out & meeting the people

"oh my god i love him already"
isabella said as one of the owners gave her the puppy

"he's so fluffy oh my god"
joe whispered to isabella

dacre finished talking with the people & they then went back to the car

"i told myself i wouldn't cry"
isabella said

"yep well so did i but people lie"
joe said choking up

isabella said cracking up

joe glared

dacre yelled taking the dog cuddling it

"now that's cute"
isabella said

"really? i don't see it"
joe said

isabella laughed slapping his arm playfully.

"just drive us back to the hotel"
isabella said

joe mocked the girl driving them to the hotel.

"he's so cute it hurts"
isabella said grabbing on to dacre's shoulder

"are you replacing me"
dacre asked with a laughed

"i think so"
isabella said

dacre glared

"no i love you"
isabella laughed kissing him quickly on the lips

"i love you too"
dacre smiled

"what are we gonna name him"
joe asked

"uhhhh i don't know"
dacre said

"oh my god how about hopper"
isabella said with wide eyes

"i like that"
dacre said laughing at the excited girl

"yeah i like it too"
joe said picking up the dog

"hopper it is then"
isabella said staring at hopper in awe

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