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(3rd Person)

Ruby: Okay. The plan is to do whatever he wants!

Weiss: Wow. Genius. (Sarcasm)

Blake: Well...that, doesn't even correspond to what he wants more than the world.

Yang: But! It is the best thing we got. And I would love to do kinky things for him.

Weiss: You're just saying that since you are both overly sexual and you're her sister!

Yang: (Shrugs)

Blake: So is this seriously the plan?

Ruby: Yup!

Yang: 'kay! Let's do this!


           It was after class and Y/N was finishing up his homework. "I do need a drink." He said to particularly no one. "Here!" The voice of Yang yelled out as she ran at him, drink in hand. "This is for you!" She said. "Oh...alright? But are you sure you don't want it? I could get one myself." He said offering her the drink back. "No! It's alright!" She said. " much do I owe you exactly?" He said getting his wallet out. "No! It's alright." She said. "Hey Y/N! Do you need in the homework?" The voice of Weiss yelled out. Y/N looked back to see her with the book she needed and homework. "No, it's alright. I got this." He said. But Weiss pulled on his arm and started dragging him. "Nonsense! I will help you with your homework and tutor you!" She said. "I'll join you!" Yang said following us.


Blake and Ruby were both there in the dorm, talking and waved at me. Weiss and Yang got a chair and Blake got a chair for me. "Oh, thank you." I said. "You are welcome." She replied giggling. "Anyway, let's start..."


          After a while, Nora burst through the door and decided to spill water on all of us and run away. As Weiss was cursing her off, the girls needed a change of clothes. "Damn...need a shirt and pants." I whispered. "I'll get it!" Ruby yelled out running as fast as she could. "Should...should I wait?"

Small Timeskip

          Ruby came back with my clothing which I assumed came from my dorm. "Okay. I'll go get changed now. Somewhere." I was gonna walk off but Ruby grabbed me and brought me inside the dorm. "You could change here!" She said. "But...what?" I asked confused. "I'll help you change." Yang said reaching her hands up my shirt. Then she stopped.

(Yang's POV)

          'What am I feeling? His torso, it feels hard, but soft at the same time.' I removed his shirt and saw it.

(Y/N's POV)

          I was now, shirtless, in team RWBY's dorm, where everyone in the team are girls, and they were all staring at me, blushing madly and slightly drooling. Blake walked up to me and pushed Yang away. She started unbuckling my belt, but I stopped her. "Woah. I wouldn't go that far." I said nervously chuckling. They seem to still be spaced out and still stared at me. I got my shirt and wore it. They snapped out of it and apologised. "Sorry." They said. I laughed a bit. "'s alright." I left the room blushing.

(Yang's POV)

Yang: Oh my Oum he's so hot~

Ruby: And cute~

Weiss: and nice~

Blake: I want himmmmm~

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