Ticket To My Heart

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"I can't believe we're working on Valentine's Day."

Katrina protested as she glanced at the digital clock on the wall. The electronic display read 12:00 pm. Noon. Only two hours into this dreaded shift. Another six hours to go.

"I can't believe you won't shut up about it," Matthew mumbled, his walnut brown eyes glued to the hockey game streaming on his computer screen.

"It's a valid complaint," Katrina huffed. She crossed her arms across her chest and stared outside the pane of glass. Not even a shadow of a person. There were many things that she wanted to do for Valentine's Day. Working at the box office was not one of them.

"Valid? How's that a valid complaint? It's not like you have a date," Matthew jested, suddenly interested in the topic.

That caused heat to rise on Katrina's face. In a matter of seconds, her cheeks went from pale white to beet red. Matthew's remark had hit close to home.

For over twenty years, Katrina was single. Never went on a date. Never been in a relationship. And just like Josie Geller, Katrina had never been kissed.

It couldn't have been because of her looks. With curly butterscotch blonde hair that rested at her shoulders and bright blue eyes, Katrina was far from unappealing. One explanation for the lack of opportunity was simply bad luck. Love was a type of lottery, in which Katrina never had a winning ticket.

That didn't prevent her from fantasizing about it. Her very own Prince Charming. In a perfect world, he would be tall with an attractive smile and a sense of humor.

This ideal person hasn't shown up yet, but Katrina knew that he would. Eventually. It was just a matter of time.

Katrina's fantasies were snapped when she noticed that Matthew was smirking at her. He had caught her daydreaming on the job. She immediately swiveled her chair and faced the opposite direction.

Matthew was definitely not Prince Charming. Not in Katrina's book. Not unless she included the Rupert Everett type of Prince Charming.

Of the qualities that Katrina wished for, Matthew satisfied zero of them. Generously estimated to be five foot eleven, the brown haired boy was not tall. His smile was slightly crooked to the right, like a two bit con man trying to make a quick dollar. Some may confuse Matthew's sarcasm for humor, but Katrina, having been on the butt end of his jokes multiple times, knew better.

"This is new. The chatterbox is silent. Did I strike a nerve?" Matthew taunted.

Katrina snapped at the bait. "Shut up, Matthew! It's not like you have a date either!"

Matthew knew this was coming. As soon as he made the original remark, Matthew knew Katrina would retaliate with the same argument. After all, it was a valid rebuttal.

"At least I've been in a relationship," Matthew snickered.

Katrina didn't miss a beat. "Well you weren't too good at it, were you?"

That cutting comeback blindsided Matthew. Even though he knew that the rangy blonde was quick tempered, her bark was usually worse than her bite. A lot of disparaging comments, but nothing overly hostile. This sudden outburst must have meant that Matthew's words had gotten to her.

Katrina might have had a poor image of the older boy, but Matthew wasn't entirely comprised of negative qualities. The astute supervisor's indifferent personality was nothing more than a hardened facade. The compassionate and caring side was kept a secret, especially to those that Matthew fancied.

The two sat in silence, occupied by their own thoughts. Not a single sound was uttered. That level of tranquility was replicated outside the box office. Not a single person walked by.

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