I'm what!?

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Is she the moon godess? I heard she is the creator of werewolves so she calls them her 'children' but I'm no werewolf. So maybe I'm not her child. I'm also not a werewolf. She knows that, right?

"Sorry I didn't mean to call you my child its just a habbit." Her voice sounded softer than silk and made me want to run into her arms and... hug her? "I-I?" I had no clue how to respond while feeling so insignificant. She sighed and amused sigh and walked a gracious step closer to me. I took a clumsy step backwards and growled lowly, now feeling threatened by her advance towards me. Her face held shock, like that had never happened to her before. "Who are you?" I whispered. She seemed slightly amused by this question but answered, "The question is, who are you?"

My head tilted to the side in confusion. "I'm Angel white stone from t-the yellow crest pack." I shamefully admitted the last part. The beautiful woman sighed for the hundredth time and ran her hands through her white hair.

"Look what I'm about to tell you is going to be quite a shock." She whispers as if sad. "You're th-" but before she could finish, a bright white light came out of her heart and slowly made its way over to me. I tried to get away from it but I was frozen. "Quick get away from it!" The moon godess shouted but I literally couldn't. It was calling to me. My legs walked towards it without me telling them to. "Nooooo!" The moon goddess screamed but it didn't sound like she was worried for me but for herself. I was bought out of my thoughts when the light touched my skin. Instead of hurting, like I expected to do, hence the tiny wince, it felt warm and welcoming. What is happening?

As soon as I felt the light touch my heart, a massive wave of power came through me making the room shake. Another wave came, then another. I was receiving thousands of waves a minute and it lasted for a few minutes. I screamed making the whole place shake again but it didn't hurt. I wasn't feeling anything but power right now and I have no clue why I screamed.

If this is one of the many weirdest experiences on my list, it would definatly be at the top. Eventually the power waves died down but the power I just received stayed. I finally gained control of my body to see the Moon Goddess on the floor whimpering and showing her neck. I walked towards her with unexpected grace. "What just happened?" I asked and she replied with two words. "Moon Goddess."

"Me? No that's you isn't it?" I asked confused and she looked up with a murderous glint in her eyes. "YES! I WAS THE MOON GODESS! I SHOULD

Stripe and I saw this as a threat and I replied "HOW dare you! You a-" but I didn't get to finish before she shifted into this giant white wolf. It was bigger than Stripe! Well, that's what I thought before I shifted into her. She was now 15ft high! No thats an exageration. I roared and the 'moon goddess' instantly submitted by lying on her belly but she got back up. I guess she's quite powerful. Yeah but so are we.

She lunged again and I moved out of the way with surprising grace and agility. She growled in frustration and leaped at me again. This went on for a minute or two before I got bored. So when she was expecting me to move, I swiped my paw across her face, claws retracted though. I don't know why I didn't use my claws but I had some feeling that I had to look after her.

She went skidding across the floor and I walked up to her shifted. I was in a breath taking purple dress that made my eyes pop. It got longer towards the back of it and had a diamond pattern clawing up from the side. (Dress above) "SHIFT!" I demanded. The power in my voice was unreal and I almost submitted to myself. She whimpered loudly and shifted back into a beautiful laced white dress. "Now explain to me WHAT THE HELL is going on!" I roared. She sighed a defeated sigh and started explaining.

"We are siblings. When you were born, you and our mother, the first moon goddess were being hunted by werewolf rouges, hunters and vampires combined. It was a pretty strong army. Mother used her magic to put you in a coma until the war ended. You were about two years old in our time, but 20,000 years old in earth time. When your a god or goddess, 1 year is equal to 10,000 years on earth."

"Anyway, you were found by the last standing rouge and he took you away, sensing your power. He accidently ran into Yellow Crest territory where they killed him and your 'parents' took you in as their own. Mother saw you were in good hands and made you seem like just a werewolf. 10,000 years on from when you were born, mother gave birth to me but I got the good life while you were getting bullied."

"Mother is sorry for not taking you away but you were too young for her to tell you everything so she gave you emotional strength to get through your abuse. Because you were in a coma, I look one year older then you when you are actually one year older then me. So when I became of age the light went into me seeing me as the next godess but then you turned up and it sensed you as the true heir. I wasn't fit for goddess title, I couldn't handle it so that's why I was blinded by rage. I'm so sorry... Sister."

Soooo that was a lot of info. You went expecting that were you? This chapter is so late it's unbelievable but it pack a whole lot of info that I hope made up for it. Hole you enjoyed!
Mayling xxxx

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