Saber Alter (Chapter 4)

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After the defeat of the three classes: Archer, Rider, and Caster. There only remained: Saber, Lancer, Assassin, and Berserker. Mash and the others encountered both Lancer and Berserker.

"You guys ready for battle?" (Y/N) said.

"Now you will see my Lancer form in action," Cu said.

The battle started with Lancer in front and Berserker behind him. The berserker was Hercules and Lancer was the lancer form of Cu. (Y/N) chose three quick cards. The three cards formed into a quick chain that generated ten quick stars. Both Kiyohime and Cu shot three fireballs at Lancer and mash rammed her shield into the lancer and slashed at him. Lancer approached mash and jabbed his spear into Mash. He jumped into the air and threw his spear at Cu. Berserker used his big club to slash twice at kiyohime. The damage Kiyo took was huge. Hercules was a big threat. \

(Y/N) targeted Hercules and chose two busters and an arts for Arash. With the three cards being Arash's, he gained an extra attack. Arash charged up a shot and shot at Hercules, he charged another attack and shot. He shot two arrows at Hercules and stopped before shooting two arrows and jumping in the air to shoot another arrow as all three land. Hercules was then defeated by the one-star archer. Lancer then jumped in the air and shot his spear at Arash as well as he charged in and stabbed Arash. Arash survived on a sliver of health. (Y/N) selected three of Kiyo's busters and watched her wreak havoc on the shadow lancer before kiyohime can cast her final fireball, A shadow assassin came out of nowhere and took the damage. The assassin was known as Sasaki Kojirou wielding a katana. With the extra shadow servant, the battle was now two against three again.

"Now we will just need saber taken out in order to get the holy grail," Mash said.

(Y/N) nodded and saw the np of Arash was available, He selected it first and chose two more busters. Arash went behind the group as then he charged up a shot before jumping in the air and firing it. Mash quickly got (Y/N), Kiyohime, and Cu and rose her shield to shield from what seemed like a big attack. Arash then shot what looked like an arrow but then exploded into a nuke-like explosion, annihilating the two servants and everything else in a fifty-mile radius. Skeletons were consumed by the fireball and the person saw the huge fireball from afar and smirked.

"It seems they will be a challenge," She chuckled.

As soon as the fire faded, mash's shield was steaming and was red. Gold dust surrounded Arash as he disappeared from the battle. He seemed like he was defeated. the battle finished as then Arash appeared once more in a bronze aura. He smiled.

"My noble phantasm does that," He chuckled.

The group then approached a large palace-like object. They entered it as there stood the person. she wielded a sword.

"So, You got past the shadow servants? Of course, they aren't like the actual ones," She laughed.

"We're only missing the saber," (Y/N) stated.

"That would be me, The King of Knights," She stared him down.

"Senpai, this is the alter form of the king of England, Saber alter," Mash told him.

Saber alter then charged up a blast by absorbing darkness or corrupt energy, the energy transferred to the sword.

"Excalibur, Morgan!" She yelled.

She slashed her sword upwards as a blast of dark energy headed towards the group. Mash activated her noble phantasm, raising her shield and summoning a huge shield to block the attack, this attack left saber alter weakened. (Y/N) and the group proceeded in. Kiyohime looked at her master before covering her face with her fan, trying to hide something. (Y/N) selected one buster, arts, and quick for kiyohime. Kiyohime was busy thinking and then realized she was attacking before she shot all five fireballs at saber alter and didn't do her extra attack, (Y/N) seemed a bit worried about kiyohime. Alter then used Mana Burst A  to deal more damage with her buster attacks. She jumped in the air and attacked Arash dealing a bit more of damage than usual, Arash still resisted it.

"Master, use my noble phantasm," Kiyohime yelled.

(Y/N) selected her noble phantasm after two busters. Kiyohime shot two fireballs before she went behind the group and used her phantasm. She held her fan close to her before looking at (Y/N). She then glowed and transformed into a serpent made of blue fire, her dragon form. She then coiled around saber alter, causing a burn and stunning her due to the heat. She returned back to her side of the battlefield and transformed back. Once she did, she seemed worried about what (Y/N) would say about that. In past battles, she had her phantasm but she forced her card to not appear and her NP gague not to show.

Saber alter then took small damage from the burn. It was their move. (Y/N) chose three of Cu's arts. He attacked with three fireballs and then charged up for another attack. He shot them at saber alter. She was close to being defeated. Saber alter used intuition A to raise her critical chance up, she also used mana burst to raise her buster attack. She jumped in the air and slashed at Cu, taking him out. 

"Cu!" (Y/N) yelled.

(Y/N) selected three of kiyohime's buster attacks and raised her attack with instant enhancements. Kiyohime felt more powerful. Her breath was now fire. She shot Three blasts of fireballs and her extra attack was her breathing out fire towards Saber. Saber was then defeated. The grail appeared before them. Mash took the grail and smiled at (Y/N).

"We got the first grail," Mash smiled.

(Y/N) looked over at kiyohime who was hiding behind her fan. He then went over to her.

"Whats wrong now kiyohime?" (Y/N) asked.

"..." Kiyohime didn't respond.

Cu came back in a silver aura and smiled at them. He then saw them surrounded by a golden aura. Arash and Kiyohime were both sent back to headquarters first. Mash was then sent.

"It was nice to meet you, I hope you'll summon me as a lancer next time," Cu smiled

(Y/N)'s vision went white before he appeared in his room. The doc asked for the grail as mash guided (Y/N) to his room and laid him down in bed.

"Senpai, you have a free summon," Mash reminded him.

"I'll summon now," (Y/N) stood up.

(Y/N) went to the summoning room and held out three quarts, He then summoned. Two golden auras appeared along with a silver aura. Cu caster was summoned as well as Emiya and a new face. She was wearing a blue dress, wielding a veil of mist with her hair in a bun. (A/N: I don't know the name ;-;) She went towards (Y/N) and stared at him.

"Heroic Spirit Saber summoned, are you my master?" She asked him

A/N: Three new servants? What could this mean for (Y/N)? And who is this new servant? More will be revealed in the next chapter. Remember to Vote and comment freely.

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