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Sophie's P.O.V.

The food tastes like heaven, and the water even more. I can't seem to put the food in my mouth as quickly as I manage to swallow it down; I'm nothing but a gulping mess, probably food smudged all over my mouth.

"What?" I mumble out with full mouth to Harry, who's wearing a huge frown on his face.

He, for a difference, is eating like any civilized person does; putting small pieces of food in his mouth and then chewing it up before swallowing it down. "It's nothing, I just really hate those fuckers for starving you like that." he replies and looks down on his plate with a disstressed look on his face. "I should've been there sooner, but I just couldn't find that fucking-"

I cut him off:"No, Harry, you came at the exactly right moment. If you came any sooner or any later, they wouldn't be busy laughing at themselves and one of them could actually shoot you. You think that'd be better? I'd probably die then because I'd be chained to that bed and you know they wouldn't just let me go. And if they did, I'd kill myself the first chance I had. I wouldn't be able to process someone actually killing you." I try to comfort him but don't really manage to do a lot, except getting myself in a bad mood as well.

"No, I guess that wouldn't be better when you put it that way." Harry replies to my previous question, but I can tell it's still bugging him.

"Please, stop thinking about it. You saved me, what more could you have done? You need to stop blaming yourself for whatever it is you think you did wrong." I basically beg him, reaching over the table to take his hands into mine and I can just see a lightbulb being turned on above his head from the smirk that appeared on his lips.

"You'd do anything?" he asks again and I lift my brow.

"What do you plan make me do?" I ask him and he shakes his head.

"Reply to my question." he demands more than asks and I sigh.

"Yes." I mumble out cautiously.

"Then tell me what you were worried about." he says and I mentally groan.

Mother frickin fracker.

"Why can't you just let it go?" I whine and lifts both of his brows, giving me his bossy look.

"Tell me, Sophie, please, or I'll just think the worst." he says again, this time with a subtone of pleading.

"It'd still be better than the truth." I mumble quietly to myself but judging by how his grip on my hands has tightened, he heard it, too.

"Do you have some sort of a boyfriend again?" he grits out and I roll my eyes.


"Did those fuckers actually do it? While you were unconscious? Are you afraid you're pregnant? We can go check as soon as we get back, if you want." he rambles on and if I were holding a fork in my hand, I'm sure it'd fall out of my palm.

Good thing I'm sitting down.

I sigh because now I know that I have no way out of this.

"Harry, I..." I begin and lightly cough.

How do you tell someone something like this? Especially when I know he's not a fan of kids?

"I'm, well, we will have to check when we get back, but not, um, because I'm afraid that I'm pregnant." I start and I can see all colour slowly disappearing from his face.

I look in his eyes and gather all the courage I have. "I'm pregnant. We'll just have to check if the baby is fine."

And now, I'm glad that he's the one sitting down.

He lets go of my hands and lets them fall to the side while he stares at me, shock written all over his face. "Y-you-you you're p-p-pre-pregnant?" he stutters and I slowly nod, waiting for his reaction.

It's kind of funny seeing a guy as confident and powerful and dangerous-looking stuttering like a 5 year old, but the situation is stopling me from laughing.

He sits there and he doesn't say, or do anything, just sits there for a few long moments; I'm not even sure if he's breathing.

And then, all of a sudden, he stands up, pushing the chair bacwards so hard that it falls over, and covers his face with his palms. "Motherfucker." he mumbles to himself and then gives me that dangerous look he has when he's planning to kill someone.

Oh boy.

"With who? You're pregnant with who?" he roars out and I want to sink into the ground because everybody's eyes are on us.

I don't even have the time to reply before he continues. "You've been cheating on me?! Fow how long?! Since when?! With whom?!"

He's shouting his lungs out and he takes a step closer. "Was it Zayn?" he spits out and out of the corner of my eye I can see security guards making their way towards us.

"What? No!" I reply, kind of mad at him for not believing in me. "It's your baby!"

"Don't fucking lie to me! We've always used protection!" he continues and if I didn't know him the way I do, I'd be afraid of him, just like everybody else in the room probably is.

"No, we didn't." I spit out the moment the guards reach us and they step between Harry and me.

"Please, step away from the miss, sir." one of them says, honestly looking slightly afraid of Harry. It doesn't take a genious to figure out he could beat each of the security's asses.

"No, it's okay." I say and step towards them, but one of the guards grabs my shoulders and holds me back.

The moment he does that, Harry's back to roaring. "Don't fucking touch her, you motherfucker! She's fucking pregnant!"

"I'm gonna have to ask you to calm down, sir, or I wi be forced to call police." the one trying to hold him back threaths and I immediately start protesting.

"No, it's fine, please. Just let us go and we'll exit the diner immediately, I promise." I say slightly louder and each guard looks at me.

"Are you sure about leaving with this man?" one asks and Harry spits out:"You motherfucker-"

"Yes." I quickly cut him off, before he gets himself arrested, then push through the guards to grab Harry's hand. "We'll be fine."

The guards look at each other and shrug. "Okay then." they say and follow us until we get to the elevator, then let us go.

Harry's hand is close to my stomach all the time and I can't help but love how protective of our unborn child he's being.

I don"t let go of his hand in the elevator and I sigh. "We'll just order room service, I guess. Me and the baby are still hungry."

Harry doesn't comment on "the baby", just sighs after a few moments again.

"Well, that went well."

I give him a side glance. "Well? Security had to escort us out of the room?"

He shrugs. "Be glad that the cops didn't escort us to the police station instead. You just told me you're pregnant, I honesltly wouldn't be surprised if they did."

I roll my eyes. "You're mental."

He chuckles. "And you're pregnant. Fuck."


Well, Harry finally knows! What do you think about his reaction?

Love, P.❤

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