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Lance woke up with a small groan and gasped when he didn't recognize where he was. It was a dark cell with a small window and dim purple lights.

"What happened...?" He groaned grabbing his head and noticed he was wearing different clothes. Black long sleeve and black tight pants with no shoes and a dark dirty purple rag as a shirt over his chest barely touching the middle of his torso.

Then everything came back.

"Chloe? Ben? Misty? Luke? Dani?!" Lance looked around but saw a small body near him curled up in a ball.

"Chloe! Oh my god baby girl, Chloe wake up," Lance crawled to her and saw she had the same uniform as well but the cloth over her body was a little to long as her curly hair was a mess.

"Lance?" She whimpered and he held her on his lap as she kept her blue eyes closed and curled against her brother.

"It's okay it's okay chloe," Lance hushed her as his heart raced in his chest with wide eyes.

"Where are we?" She mumbled weakly.

"I-I don't know babes, it's just us right now," Lance gulped and his whole body froze when he heard footsteps pass by his cell.

"Where's mama?" Chloe whimpered finally opening her eyes as tears where in them.

"I'm not sure Chloe, stay here," Lance set her down and Chloe laid on the floor as he got to his feet and walked to the door peaking out.

"Hey? Hey! Open the door!" Lance called seeing soldiers. Aliens.

"Silence you pathetic human, or the Druids will get you first," the guard snarked back smacking the door making Lance jump back.

"Druids? Like a fucking magician or a priest?" Lance snorted glaring at the door.

"Witches," the guard chuckled darkly and Lance paled.

"Your shitting me right now right?" Lance gulped.

"Silence or Hagar will come for you or worst, emperor zarkon," the guard threatened and Lance stayed silent. The exotic names where enough to intimidate him. He leaned against the wall and slid down to Chloe who was staring at the wall.

"You okay Chloe?" Lance looked at her and she shook her head.

"I want to go home Lance, I don't like it here," she sniffled and Lance ran his hand through her messy hair.

"I know baby, me too, this place sucks ass," Lance smiled at her softly.

"Mama wouldn't want you saying that," Chloe sat up looking at him.

"What the cheese should I do then?" Lance smirked and Chloe giggled.

"That's better," she crawled into his lap and Lance let out a heavy sigh wrapping his arms around her and she played with his hand as Lance set his chin on top of his sisters head.

"Chloe this is going to be scary for a little okay, but I'm never going to leave you got it? I won't let anyone hurt you without getting though me first," Lance looked at her small hands that played with his.

"I know," she said simply. "You kept me safe once lancey Lance, I know you can do it again,"

"It's my job," he smiled softly.

"It's actually bens job as oldest, but I just like you bestest, don't tell him that though," Chloe hummed laying back listening to his heart beat.

"Okay Chloe, that's our secret now," Lance smiled but it soon disappeared.

Was Ben even alive? He had no idea what happened to his family except their father was now dead. Did his mother escape. Why take Chloe when she was only five years old. What would they do with them? Why did they take them in the first place. What the hell where them anyways?!

Lance felt Chloe sleeping again and sorrow filled his chest as he knew he couldn't keep the promises he made, these things where bigger and stronger than him, there where like thousands of these aliens and one Lance. But he rather die than let Chloe get hurt on his watch. She was to young to suffer the lost of her father much less to be some prisoner in...

Where they in space?!?

"What the crow am I going to do..." Lance laid his head against the cold metal staring at the door with fear in his eyes and heard foot steps once again. There was a flash of purple (of corse) but then a figure stopped in front of his door.

Eyes that where midnight blue almost looking purple as the whites of the eyes where replaced with a light yellow. They're eyes met for a moment but a gruff voice caught the strangers attention and left Lance once again.

Lance glared as soldiers followed the one alien and held Chloe tighter as he drifted off to his own sleep but fear and paranoia lured through his mind, never to sleep in peace but only to protect his sister.

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