Chapter 018: "It got me too."

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"WILL?!?!" Brynn screamed. "Can you hear me?!?"

All of a sudden the darkness engulfed her, consuming every thought and muscle in her body. She tapped out quickly, falling to her knees and coughing up black liquid onto the grass.

"Brynn!" Max yelled, kneeling down to her. "Brynn are you okay?!?"

"I..." Brynn started.


"It got me too." She said. Max helped her up and she regained her stability. She focused on Will, though the buzzing in her head was bound to drive her insane.

"Brynn..." Max said.

"Yeah?" She asked.

"You look..."

"Dead." Lucas said, finishing Max's sentence.

"I'm fine now... It's just side effects."

"But you said it got you..."

"It was probably just trying to scare me off, I'm fine, I promise." She said, turning back to Will. He gasped and opened his eyes, Brynn stood up straight and tried to look as normal as possible, so she didn't alarm him.

"Will!?" She asked, putting her hand on his left shoulder. He looked at her, his eyes were full of pure terror.

"Let's get you two home." Joyce said, placing one hand on Will's back and the other on Brynn's. She walked them to the car, then drove them home. She sat them both down at the kitchen table.

"Tell me what you saw." She ordered.

"I can't remember." Will said. Although Brynn knew good and well that he did.

"Brynn?" She asked, Brynn just shook her head.

"I can't either."

"I need you two to try." Joyce said.

"... I-I was on the field... and then it... it all just went blank... then you were there." Will stuttered.

"Will, I need you to tell me the truth." Joyce said.

"I am."

Joyce then got up to get something, and both kids looked at each other and exchanged worried glances. Joyce came back over with a roughly drawn picture of the shadow monster.

"This shape, I saw it on the video tape from Halloween night. It's the same shape as your drawing. These episodes that you're having... I think Dr. Owens is wrong. I think they're real. But I can't help you two if I don't know what's going on." Joyce said. "So you have to talk to me. Please."

"No more secrets, okay?" She asked. Brynn and Will nodded.

"Did you see this thing again on the field?" Will nodded. "Did you see it too?"

"Yes." Brynn said quietly.

"What is it?" She asked.

"... I don't know..." Will started. Brynn had a flashback of running into the blackness. "It's almost like a feeling..."

"Like the one you had at the arcade?"

"Yeah." Will said. The image of the monster flashed across Brynn's mind.

"What does it want?"

"I don't know... It came for me... and I tried... I tried to make it go away..." Will stuttered. Brynn saw herself shaking Will's motionless body on the field.

"But it got me mom." Will said. The flashbacks were coming like rapid fire for Brynn, she couldn't even concentrate on what Will was saying.

"What does that mean?" Joyce asked.

"I felt it... everywhere... everywhere." Will said, reminding Brynn of the constant buzzing in her head.

"I still feel it... I just want this to be over." Will said, leaning into Joyce and sobbing into her shoulder. All of a sudden the lightbulb above the three shattered. Will and Joyce both looked at Brynn.


"I'm okay. It was just an accident, I'm sorry. I'll clean it up."

"No. You two go to your room. I'll clean it up." Joyce said. Will and Brynn got up slowly and went into their room. They both sat on Brynn's bunk, their feet dangling off of the edge.

"I'm sorry." Was all Brynn could manage to say. "I... I didn't want any of this to happen... i-if I had been there with you..." She said, her eyes finning up with tears.

"No, don't start blaming this on yourself." Will said. "You're the only sane person in this house right now."

Brynn scooted closer and hugged him, and they sat there for a while, never moving a muscle.

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