Chapter 11: "I..." [✔]

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Sad news...........................this is one of the final chapters :( :(:( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( I have one more chapter to write. *tear*

Anyway Happy Reading!!!

Levy's P.O.V.

Gajeel hasn't been to the guild for 3 weeks. I'm worried sick. The first two weeks I thought he was on a job, but he never takes this long on a job. He usually goes, beats everyone up, gets payed and comes home. I was getting so worried.I think I dreamed that he said that he's going to find me a cure. I hope he does cause I was getting worse. Everyday I get a strong nosebleed. I'm weak so I can't go on a S-class job. Everyone at the guild is sad. Probably something to do with the one week of my life. This morning I threw up blood. Why does everything has to do with me and blood? Why can't this sickness just put me to sleep and kill me? Everything is going downhill. Gajeel is gone, I'm dying, everyone is depressed. Jet and Droy won't talk to me. None would talk to me, so in the three weeks time I'm all alone. Every time I talk to someone I can see that theyŗe fighting their tears. I don't want anyone to cry over me. It's bad enough that I know when I'm dying.

I'm sitting in the guild with a book in front of me and a pounding head. I'm use to it. My head starts to hurt every time I think about Gajeel, when I remember my dream, when I remember every moment we were together. I shook my head and concentrated on the book. Then the doors shot open. I looked up hoping to see the only person who wouldn't turn his back on me.

There all dressed in black, with his beautiful, long black hair, and his cat stood Gajeel. My heart started to beat faster. But with a pounding heart came a pounding head.

Everyone starred at them, but Gajeel just walked over to Mira and asked for scraps of metal. Then he whispered something to Lily, who was sitting next to him. Lily nodded, stood up and went to the request board. Probably looking for a job. Lucy walked over to him. I knew she was devastated about my life limit. I knew she was crying every night because of me. If she wouldn't have Natsu she still would be crying. I was pretty far from them, but I still could hear her ask.

"Did you find anything?" I knew everyone was listening. After a suspenseful minute Gajeel shook his head. Lucy hid her face in her arms and Natsu ran over to her. He put his arms around Lucy's shoulders and they walked away. When Gajeel shook his head I saw a bit of his face. He had red and tired eyes. It looked like he hasn't sleeping for three weeks. All this time when he walked in the guild he has't looked at me. It was like he was avoiding me. I wanted to go home, so I stood up and walked to Mira. I stopped next to him. Not looking at him. It hurt me avoiding him. It really did. My head started to hurt even more and I felt my daily nosebleed coming up.

"I'm gonna go home okay? " Mira nodded "Oh can you give me some napkins too?"

"Daily nosebleed?" she asked handing me my life savers.

"Yeah. I'll go home to rest. And tomorrow I would want to take a job. Gotta pay the rent right?" I said. My head started to pound harder and harder. It was hard not talking to Gajeel. We were like 5 inches away. I felt his stare in my sides. I had to fight every urge to look at him and tell him that I loved him. Stupid head! Why do you have to hurt right now? Why do you have to hurt when I'm thinking about him? I asked myself.

"And a hurting head?" she asked. I smiled guilty "go home and rest. I'll find you an easy job." she said and smiled. I nodded and walked away to look for Jet and Droy. Finally I found then sitting in out usual spot.

"Hey. Do you want to go to a job tomorrow?" I asked them as I stopped next to their table. Droy looked up and smiled. 

"Yeah, sure." He said smiling "Ummm... your nose...". Oh great. I quickly put some tissues to my nose. Now Jet looked up too.

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