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Izuku Midoriya. Your average four year old except he was still waiting for his own quirk. Everyone else his age already got their own quirks. Kacchan even had an emission type that could blow everyone away...literally. Since Izuku was already four and a half years old, doctors said he didn't have much of a chance. That was the reason why Inko was currently in front of the doctors office. The one that specialized in quirk discovery or something. 

Inko's pov                                                                                                                                                                                   'My poor baby, he hasn't gotten a quirk yet, I wish I could just give him mine' . "Sweetie, the doctor is going to see us now". " Okay mommy, is the dokter gonna tell me my quirk". The smile Izuku's giving me is heartbreaking, gosh I wish I could give him the world. He deserves so much more than the life I'll be giving him. I feel something warm touch my hand, and I look down. Izuku smiles up at me, " Mommy, it's ok if I dun't have a quirk cause I've got you". "Midoriyas, the doctor will see you now" said the receptionist. I almost break down after he said that, I hug him tightly and we walk towards the room the quirk specialist is in. ' God, I swear I will give this boy all the love I can give him'.

"Ms. Midoriya, your child doesn't have the extra joint that is usually found in quirkless people. That means while he has a low chance, he can still have a quirk" the doctor said. Izuku smiles brightly, brighter than normal. His eyes sparkle, his smile widens and suddenly a light seems to pour out of him. My baby is glowing, and it looks like a quirk. I watch the doctor's eyes widen in surprise and then change to another emotion. The doctor smiles and hugs my baby. His arms tighten around Izuku as he gives me a hard look !!! WTH is he doing ? I watch Izuku's eyes widen and I grab his arm and pull him out of the doctor's grip. I run out of the office with my baby and we get in my car. Izuku asks me why we left and I tell him because of your quirk. At first my baby looks at me confused, but then he realized what I said. He smiled brighter than before somehow and looked at me with those deep green eyes. I cried hard, I love this child so much.  

Izuku did have a quirk. A very strong one too, and it was called Adorable Percentage ( sorry about the terrible name, working on it). It allowed the user to basically turn their adorableness into power. Sounds like a pretty useless quirk, unless you are adorable. Most parents think their child is the cutest thing they ever saw. But in Izuku's case it wasn't just her own speculation. Inko was a strong woman. She survived her husband's infidelity and raised their child as a single parent. What she wasn't strong enough for was her son's quirk. It wasn't like it destroyed things or hurt people but it made him really cute. Like super cute, but his quirk multiplied his cuteness factor and that's what Inko couldn't deal with. His looks weren't only affecting people she realized as the days went by, but his power even worked on animals and bugs ! That's why she started to home school him. With home schooling she thought that he wouldn't have to deal with all the attention.

Izuku's pov                                                                                                                                                                                'I finally got my own quirk. One that's just for me'. Even at four he understood that having a quirk would mean being accepted but Izuku wanted more than to be accepted. He wanted to be a hero. He grabbed a notebook and wrote in big sparkly green letters on the top of the cover ' My quirk analysis' . Izuku smiled sweetly at the page and the light that flowed out of him at the doctor's office flowed out of him again. Plus Ultra !

[Izuku's quirk : Adorable Percentage, the user has increased physical powers and a strong telekinetic abilities. In exchange for the increased abilities and telekinesis the user has an extremely accentuated feature. In Izuku's case it isn't a feature as much as its his whole body that looks absolutely adorable . He has soft features even though his body is all muscle >//<  and his hair is softer and puffier than before. He also will always be around five feet in height so he's like a little fluffy green doll. His words also have a power over people but it's more of a suggestion than a demand. His quirk is always 'on'.]

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