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Dedicated to Olga_GOA

Genre: Dark Romance/ Mature

Interviewing characters: Violet Fire. Kyle Jamieson.


Hello Mrs. Violet and Mr. Kyle or what should I call you?

Violet & Kyle: Hi, June! Nice to meet you and talk to you as well. 

It's our first interview with you if we are not mistaken. You can call us VI and KI, it will be together like KIWI - a bird or a fruit! Ha-ha!

But if you don't like, you can call us, #KYLET. Our supporters and friends call us like that together ;) Or just Violet and Kyle. 

Everything is okay with us! 

Would you mind telling our readers what you are and describe your looks?

V & K: We are human of course, but in any human can be a monster and an animal, right? I mean figuratively.

K: I look really simple - black tight jeans and a white t-shirt. When I am going to work I prefer the costumes. But Violet says I am really good looking in jeans, my ass looks really hot, right? *Smirks*

V: *Rolls her eyes* Right, smart ass! :D 

*Slaps Kyle's shoulder* You are perfect, Kyle, in any kind of clothes. 

As to myself, I am wearing mostly time the tops of different colours and jeans. I also don't like as much as Kyle to wear expensive clothes on a weekend, I barely use it even in working days. I got used to the clothes that give me freedom in motions and thoughts as well because the appearance determines the inner condition. Right? 

*Winks at June*

*Nods* I agree with that. I wonder what my outfit says about me? *Looks at her pink sweater and printed leggings then giggles* What is your story about and how many chapters so far?

V & K: We can say that you are romantic and free talkative person. Right?

Well our story starts like that...

A clever, beautiful but unfortunately lonely Violet Fire works peacefully in the company of the powerful, one of the richest men in Madrid, Spain - Kyle Jamieson. But one night in club 'Drunken Cherry' changes her life abruptly, and Violet having no idea if it is for the better or worse. An accidental meeting with her gorgeous boss, Mr. Jamieson who all women in the office are thrilled with, twists her destiny. A destiny she couldn't imagine even in her worst nightmares or her best daydreams. A destiny that turns her life upside down.

Will Violet survive this race in her life where her independence is at stake? Will she be the independent woman Violet always thought she was? 

Read THIS REALLY HOT DARK ROMANCE STORY full of unpredictable twists. Find out more as things heat up. Discover the shocking secrets as the story unfolds and follow the heroes on their destinies!

Chapters for now 24. But Our creator Olga GOA still writing and plan to finish this month.

So we don't know the exact number of chapters ;) So this is a big surprise as for us, as for you all.

How's the story so far in your opinion and is there any problems that your creator (author) doesn't like and wish to change it?

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