Fussy Pup - Chris Motionless

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Inspired by the picture up there^

Sorry if I completely ruined it...I did use what's in the picture, but all credit to the owner, I just found this on tumblr so...yeah..

Admittedly this is poorly written, its just supposed to be a short little thing, not a full imagine.

Daddy is watching a hockey game again as I sit on the floor, eating a cookie bone he gave me for being good and coloring horses green and blue.

I'm not paying attention to Daddy seeing as he hasn't given me attention since he gave me a cookie a long time ago, he's to busy watching the game.

As I finish my cookie and turn the page of my coloring book, I hear shuffling behind me,  I don't look and just grab a red crayon to color a baby pony.  My finger playing with my fuzzy ears as I concentrate on staying inside the lines and not to mess up the pretty pony.

"Are you being fussy, Puppy?" Daddy's deep voice makes me pause and turn to him, seeing his hazel eyes staring at me and a small smirk on his lips.

"Hm? No." I shake my head, confused as to why he thinks I'm fussy. I haven't done anything.

"You sure sound fussy, Baby." He insist, I pout, why is he saying something that's not true?

"But I'm not, Daddy." I set my crayon down as he tsks, shaking his head.

"So fussy."

I cross my arms, I'm getting frustrated at him, I'm not being fussy. I'm only drawing, how am I being fussy?

"Daddy! I'm not Fussy!" My voice raised a little, he only rest his feet in the table, sighing with his lips in a thin line.

"The Fussiest little puppy there is."

"I'm not fussy!" I whine, my head falling in my hands as my frustration grows.

"My fussy baby."

I groan loudly and fall to the floor, I'm confused, I'm frustrated and I don't want to color Anymore. I want to make Daddy stop, I'm not fussy, I haven't been.

"Look at my Puppy, such a fussy little pet. You need Daddy's cuddles and a nice little nap."

A mix between a questioning murr, whimper and whine leave me as I roll on my back and staring at the ceiling. I give up, he seems to believe I'm fussy, I'm not being fussy! He's being a meany.

Yeah, Daddy's a meany, I said it.

I'm suddenly picked up by my waist and lifted up into Daddy's arms, my legs go around him like my arms as he sits back down with me on his lap. A smirk is on his lips and he looks proud of himself.

"All better, Baby? No more fussy puppy?"


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