Chapter 18

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I awoke to blinding rays of sunlight and the feeling of being more relaxed than I did the day before. Then I remember what happened the day before... I attentively felt around the bed for the source of my happiness.


All I felt was cold bedsheets and I immediately shot up in bed franticly searching the room for Anya.


Was it really just a dream? A wish my heart sent into the cosmos on my behalf? Even the fire I was sure I lit before bed was now dead and the room suddenly felt colder. I solemnly pulled my... naked form out of bed and started my day before heading down to the kitchen.

Showered and dressed I made my way into the kitchen when the scent of freshly brewed coffee hit my senses. I rounded the corner into the kitchen and was met with a sight that brought a smile to my face... Anya was sitting at the counter with a steaming cup of coffee in her hands. I watched as she blew on the hot liquid, her lips barely touching the rim of the mug as she sips ever so slightly on her brew before setting it down again.

"Morning Demi" her sugar sweet voice echoed through the room. "Coffee?" the promise of fresh coffee – though I don't think I need it – brought me right to Anya's side.

"Morning, yeah coffee sounds go-" my request was cut short when I noticed a dark purple bruise below her ear peeking out when she tucked her hair behind her ears. I did that! When my mind registered again, Anya was already pouring me coffee in a dark blue mug. Taking a seat at the counter I watched her every motion. Her hair falling back into her face, her cautious steps towards me and even under her layers of clothes I saw the curves of her body, I waited for her to set my mug down and get seated again. As she takes another sip my mind runs through the events that led to last night. And then my heart rate immediately picked up as memories of last night flood my mind. "last night really wasn't a dream"

"Well if it was, I was there to" Anya chuckled shyly

Shit! I said that out loud! What do I say now? I must have been smiling like a madman coz Anya stood from her spot and walked right up to me sporting the most remarkably shy smile I've ever seen. Unconsciously my hand lifted and lightly traced the discoloration on her skin. Still smiling like a madman. She leaned up and pecked my lips ever so tenderly. I could taste the coffee on her lips. Best fucking coffee ever!

I sighed, once we pulled apart. Unbelievable happy in this moment, just content with holding her. "So, do you always walk out on a guy after sex?" I joked

"Don't know" she said going back to sipping her coffee "last night was my first time"

I nearly chocked on air. First time? I – last night? She was – and I did? "You gotta be kidding sunshine?" I couldn't decide whether I sounded shocked or like I was joking

Her face said it all though "No I'm not kidding" she sounded offended "Contrary to popular belief, I wasn't a slut"

I shook my head quickly "No, no, no! That's not what I meant" I tried to assure "I just thought... I mean, I've met some of your boyfriends –" I cringed at the word "I just assumed one of them was decent enough..." I averted my eyes slightly. My taste in partners were slightly more questionable

"None of them were good enough..." she trailed off "none of them, were you Demi" she wasn't looking at me. if she did, she would have seen the look of pride on my face at her confession

I couldn't help myself. I reached out for her and dragged her onto my lap, her back against my chest, my arms resting around her waist as I laid a kiss to the nap of her neck "that makes me so happy sunshine"

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