Bonus Chapter|| Watch Mommy get Fucked up

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Bonus Chapter|| Watch Mommy get Fucked up

"Look you little, fucknut, give me back my donut or I'll fucking-"

The little blonde kid stuck his tongue out at me before taking a big bite out of my donut.

I had just met Satan's spawn.

"You fucking spoiled little shit," I growled as I began to lunge at him.

Strong arms grasped onto my waist and pulled me back, as the 8 year old scurried away- probably to his mom. Pussy ass bitch.

"Sawyer," Sam growled into my ear, "What the fuck are you doing?"

I stopped squirming and just went limp in his arms, pouting- even though I knew he couldn't really see me.

"That kid took my donut," I stated, pointing at the direction the fucker had gone at.

Sam turned my body around and glared at me, the way a parent would when scolding their child. "Sawyer, you're a week from graduation, do you really want to get sent to jail for assaulting a minor?"

I scoffed. Not all of us could be perfect and control our need to bash children's skulls in  His graduation was held a few weeks back and he was already working as an electrical engineer?

Me? I had barely gotten into Med school by writing a three page essay on how I had lost my testicles in an accident and transformed into a woman.

"Suck my as-"

"Excuse me, are you the woman who was threatening my child?"

I turned to look at a tall, slim woman- around 30 years old with a scowl on her face.

"Yeah, you really should teach your fucking child to not steal," I hissed back as I crossed my arms angrily.

The woman's face grew even angrier and she snarled. "Excuse me."

"You're excused," I shrugged.

"Oh, fuck, no! Timmy, hold my earrings."

"Yeah, that's right, Timmy. Watch mommy get fucked up," I spat back, kicking my heels off.

The people around the mall started to pile up and there was no doubt that a mall cop was on their way.

"Ma'am," Sam spoke, quickly standing in between us, "I am so sorry, my girlfriend can be a bit nutty sometimes." An apologetic smile started to form on his face and Timmy's mom smiled back, obviously charmed by Sam.

"Oh, well- um- no problem," she giggled, as she took her child's hand. I was honestly surprised by how fast her rage had disappeared.

Her manicured hands shoved something into the front pocket of his pants and she winked. "Just in case you leave that. . . unique woman."

I felt a pang of jealousy rush through the bottom of my stomach, but before I could jump on Timmy's whore mother, Sam- as if he knew what I was thinking- placed an arm around my waist.

"I don't think I will but thanks," he murmured.

"Hey, hold the fuck up, that fucking squirt still has my donut!"

I watched as the lady turned to look at Timmy, who had a bitten donut in between his crummy little fingers.

"Do you really want it back?" She asked. She looked pretty angry but I could still see she was trying to hold back a smile.

Bipolar ass bitch.

"Noooo," I dragged out sarcastically, "Of course I do, dumb ass bitch, that's why I'm asking for it."

The woman took the donut from the kid, making sure to hold it by the tip of her fingers, and handed it to me before walking off with her child.

"How the fuck dare she flirt with my boyfriend then try to run off with my Krispy Kreme donut?" I scoffed, ready to take a bite out of my donut.

But something caught my eye.

A diamond ring was stuck into the donut, glimmering in the bright lights.

I took the ring and heard people cheer as Sam went down on his knee.

"Will you?" He asked, a smug smile reaching his lips.

I opened my mouth and closed it various times. Before finding the perfect words.

"Sam, this is the gayest shit you've ever done but how could I say no with a face like that?" I chuckled.

Sam grinned as he slipped the ring into my finger. "Those tits are officially mine," he stated lowly as he reached out for a hug.

The cheering quieted down and people soon started to leave.

"Wait, so all of that was staged?" I murmured as we sat on one of the tables of the food court.

"Yep," he stated casually, "Mindy was my partner for Chem and that was her kid, Timmy."

I suddenly felt bad, as I realized I was moments away from beating the shit out of both of them.

"How were you so sure I'd want the donut back?" I asked as my right eyebrow arched upwards.

Sam looked at me pointedly. "I know you like the back of my hand, Sawyer, you're stubborn as shit."

I opened my mouth to argue but I nodded, realizing he was right.

"So what'd she slip in your pocket?"

He chuckled. "Her husband's a doctor, she slipped his number into my pocket just in case you choked on the ring."

I sighed and stared at him. These past years had really been good to him. He was one hot piece of ass.

"Pussy," I murmured under my breath.

"Only for you, baby."

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