Chapter 11

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Waking up the next morning, I ate breakfast and watched some TV. Thinking about yesterday again I decided to step out. Not changing my cloth but I didn't car, even if there were still some tiny blood drops on the hood, and collar of the jacket. I was walking the usual route to the neighbor hood when I felt something in my pocket. It was the membership card Nikki gave me yesterday. I looked over in the direction of the club and saw it was about a block away. I decided I was to go check it out. As I approached the club I remembered the night I killed the bouncer here. I also remembered that people saw my face. I started having second thoughts about going, but by the time I came back to reality I was already at the parking lot. It was too late, I was already standing in front of the door.

The new Bouncer, stood right in front of the door. I stopped right in front of him. He looked down at me, he was a big guy. He picked up a clipboard and scanned through it. "Name?" he said looking up at me.

"Uh...Junior." I said, nervous because I already knew I probably wasn't on the list.

"Junior Basta?" the bouncer asked. I shook my head no. "Well you ain't on the list, cash only." he said placing the clipboard back down. I pulled out the membership card. The bouncer laughed, and then nodded his head. He than stood to the side and allowed me to walk by. I wondered if this club was any like the ones back at Liberty City. My stepdads Vanilla Unicorn wasn't the most famous, yet it was still in good business. Yet besides other strip clubs, out doing us, we were one of the best clubs in the eastern side of Liberty City. I walked through the door, already the smell of alcohol and sweat hit me. I walked half way down the hall before a girl stop me. She wore normal clothe for the most part, maybe a little to much skin but she didn't look like a stripper.

"Can I take your jacket?" she asked. I didn't even she was sitting in a booth full of peoples coats and jackets. I accepted the offer and handed her my blue jacket. I then looked down to see that her tip jar was low.

"Does it cost?" I asked. She shook her head no, but out of generosity I left here ten bucks in here tip jar. She smiled at me and I turned and continued walking down the hall. Turning left, I entered the main part of the club. Many guys sat of the tables, drinking looking at the direction of the pool dancer. I walked up to the bar and ordered a drink. She set out a shot glass and pulled out some whiskey. I asked how much it cost and she said it was on the house. Surprised I accepted the drink and walked toward the dancing pool. Passing private rooms, I saw a group of Reds relaxing as strippers were half naked. I only got to see little, mostly because the curtains were closed. I walked up to a sofa chair and took a seat. I took my shot and sat and relaxed the stripper finish her show.

She finished and walked off the stage. May I say that that one was very beautiful. She looked super young, yet other than that she was great. I was curious who was the next up. Then the DJ switched songs and started to announce the next girl. "She's good, she's bad, she's all around beautiful, its Nikki!" He announced. I was surprised, second dancer and I'm already about to see Nikki. The beat started being added in the song and out from back stage came Nikki. She wore a pair of tall rubber boots, like last night, yet I now know what was under that overcoat, a red and purple bikini. I instantly scooted to the edge of my seat. She saw me and smiled at me. She did a sexy walk, all the way to the pool for which I was stirring by.

She grabbed the pool and started her pool dance. I stood up and leaned on the rail like a couple of others had been doing. She stared at me as she spun around the pool. I took my Walle out and pulled out a couple bucks. I was tempted to throw it, for which id seen no one else yet through money at me. I then handed it to her. She crawled down her pool and grabbed the pool and stuck it in the strap of her underwear. I was loving this, It was either the experience, or it was Nikki, I was leaning more toward Nikki. She danced around for a bit and then her song came to a end and she collected the money through on the ground, from others and exited the stage. I went over to the bar and bout another shot, willing to pay. I pulled out my wallet but when I was about to pay a beautiful voice from behind me said I got this.

Shocked I looked back and saw the beautiful Nikki behind me. She took what looked like the money she just got from the show to the bartender, she smiled as she probably found it was humorous that Nikki bout a drink with her earnings. The bartender put two shot glasses down and filled them up. She slid one for me and the other to Nikki. "Great show." I proclaimed.

"Oh stop it, I can't believe you actually came." she said raising her shot glass to mine. We clinked them together and quickly drank them. She leaned toward me so close her breast were touching me, to whisper something to me. I was so distracted I faintly heard what she said. I think she said do you, that all I got out of it alt least.

"Huh?!" I said . She laughed at me and grabbed my hand and dragged me to the back rooms. I was either drunk or dreaming because I believe she just took me to a private dancing room. She sat me in a chair and sat on my lap.

"You know, I mean I know your nice, a "gentlemen" but I think your the first guy who hasn't asked me to take my braw off. I then snapped out of the gaze I was in staring at her breast. She laughed after realizing what id been doing. "Ha ha ha, you know what they say...all men have a breaking point right."

"What do you mean?' I said.

"Well even if you were nice to me earlier, doesn't mean you weren't just trying to get me out of my clothe." She said rubbing my shoulders, while still on my lap. I was finding it hard to concentrate. "He he he...tell me Junior?"

"Yeah?" I asked.

"Do you like me, or do you just know my career choice, and want my to strip for you like every other boy?" She asked, almost concerned for what id say." I grabbed he hands from my shoulder.

"Nikki, I didn't know you were a stripper until last night, If that helps you with your decision on what I am." I said. She smiled, she snatched her hands away from me and stood up. She reached behind her, clearly unhooking her braw strap. "Hey, are you sure, shouldn't I take you out or something?" I smiled.

"Junior, you cans to being so nice to me, you do know this my job right, and you are a member now so...just shut up and enjoy the show." Nikki said finishing off taking off her braw.

I was cut off my the detective. "Junior, we get it, she gave you a lap dance, now how does this relate to your life of crime?" He asked. Snapping back to reality I almost forgot I was in a interrogation. I looked around and it seemed to be night out, when we started this it was morning. I looked around to see more recorders. "Junior maybe skip this part and tell us more about the Cribs and Reds. "

"I told you detective, to tell you everything you want to know you must hear "Everything." I said receiving a bottle of water from the detective. I drank it and cleared my thought. "Right, lets see...I know." Every one starts their recording devices back up and the detective got comfortable again in his chair. I started to start the story back up a week from that day since not much happened that week. June 17, 1996, my time being in the Cribs started to get noticed by people in the gang. I know a lot of them didn't like me and was hoping for me to mess and get myself killed but so far i've only grew my relationship with Big Tyron. Big Tyron stared to send me for more jobs such as the one from the first night. Pick up jobs started to get easy, and I usually went with the same people, David and Brian. Those two were about the only friends I had in the gang. I looked after them and I hope they look after me too.

I started to hang around the strip club a lot more now that I started dating Nikki. Yeah I pulled it off with her, we got together a couple of days ago. We even made the strip club another safe zone, the Reds agreed since both gangs hand around that area and the club is usually a good spot to hang. Brian and I stared hanging a lot to, I also started thinking that David was almost starting to get jealous of me. Even if I wasn't fitting in the gang that good, and Brian was really the only one helping me, I'd never want to break the friendship like they have. Other than a couple incidents with the Reds, everything has been calm. Ive actually started to enjoy living in Los Santos. Ive gotten a girl, hot one at that, friends. And I haven't touched a hard drug since I've been away from Liberty City. I'd say thing are starting to look up for me here.

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