the ball.

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"and here we are. finally, at the prince's engagement ball," kim hopper said into the camera.

"yes, and this is the biggest kick-off to an engagement week yes!" lelani exclaimed, cheerily.

"and the best part about it," kim began, "princess arabella returned to the castle just yesterday morning!"

as the royal news daily hosts gushed over the goings-on of the ball, i was tucked in a corner of the ballroom, waiting for some attention from charlie.

"nora groves?" a voice asked behind me.

i turned around to a tiny, dark haired woman in a black pantsuit with a metallic gold blouse underneath.

"kaci chin?" i gasped.

kaci has lived next door to me in elementary school, but her parents split up the summer after third grade and i hadn't seen her since.

"what are you doing here?" i asked. "i thought you lived out of town!"

she threw her head back laughing, "oh, i'm not here for the prince, well, not exactly. i'm married," she said flashing a giant diamond on her left hand, "but i'm a producer for royal news daily."

"that's awesome!" i smiled.

that's when her eyes lit up. "hey!" she said, "you're friends with prince dominick, right?"

i looked at her nervously and slowly said, "yeah..."

"would you do an interview with kim and lelani?" she asked, with a pleading smile that showed all of her pearly white teeth.

"i don't even know what i would have to talk about," i said, pushing it off.

kaci flipped her shiny black hair.  "oh, please.  arabella just came back after months of being who knows where, all three kids are up for the crown, the girl that spent the night."

i laughed.  "i don't know about that."

"oh, come on! please!" she begged.

i sighed.  "let me run it by the queen first."

she stepped aside and i walked across the room and out the side entrance.  isabel and dominick were preparing to make their grand entrance, officially starting the ball.

"hi, pretty lady," isabel as she saw me slip into the room.

"hi," i said as i made sure no one else was around, "uh, can i talk to you for a second?"

she smiled, "we're about to walk in."

king dominick raised his hand, "everyone else can wait.  what do you need, nora?"

i was instantly intimidated.  "uhhh, kaci, uh, chin is here.  we were friends when we were little.  she's a producer for royal news daily and wants me to do an interview.  i just wanted to see what you guys thought before i said anything."

"oh," isabel said, looking up to king dominick anxiously, "i don't know."

king dominick was stone-faced as he said, "do it."

"excuse me?" isabel and i said in harmony.

he nodded.  "if they try to back you into a corner on anything, mention you living in royal properties, the senate vote on that, and turn it into the new tax bill."

my eyes lit up.  "okay!"

isabel was already off talking to lynette and josiah.  i began to turn away, but king dominick grabbed my arm.  "nora," he said, grabbing my attention, "you really do look spectacular.  you make me just as proud, sometimes even prouder than my own children."

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