Chapter 38

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"What do you mean?"

"I know about Cayson. It's a long story and we have a lot to talk about but I just want to see him, please."

Shock rocked Faith. He knew! How could he know and how long had he known? And if he knew, why is he coming back now? All of these thoughts and more swam around in her head. A knot of apprehension began to form in her stomach. "I just put him down for the night."


There was something in his eyes and a small catch in his voice. Faith sighed. "The first door on the left."

"Thank you." Cade walked over to the door and stood just outside for a moment, took a deep breath then went inside the room. Faith had left a lamp burning low on the bureau near his bed so there was just enough light for Cade to see clearly as he lay in his bed. He stood there for a moment staring at his son. A calloused trembling hand reached out and touched his downy soft head. As soon as he touched him, the baby sighed and sleepily opened his eyes.

Cade had never held a baby before, but without thinking, he reached out and picked him up. Instantly Cayson laid his head on his father's shoulder as strong arms held him close. Tears stung his eyes as he fought to keep his emotions under control. The love he felt for this child left him terrified. It only made him realize how much control Faith had over his life and future happiness. Because he knew now, that he could never, would never let his son go. If he were honest with himself, he had been worried that he would be like his mother and feel no parental love. It was a relief to know that he was nothing like his mother. A noise behind him had him turning around to see his wife standing there with an odd look on her face.

"The coffee's ready." How many times had she imagined this very scene? Cade holding their son, just like he was. She knew now why he had come back, he wanted to take Cayson away from her! She'd seen the emotion on Cade's face. Well, hell would freeze over first! The only way he would get Cayson was over her dead body! Faith's back was ramrod straight as she walked over taking her son from Cade and gently laid him back in his bed. After kissing his head softly, she turned and said, "Out," in a loud whisper and pointed to the doorway.

The two of them walked out of the room. Halfway to the kitchen, Faith turned around and shut Cayson's door. Straightening her shoulders again, she lifted her chin a notch and went to the table, sitting down across from Cade. She had already poured the coffee and set the cups on the table.

"Thank you." Cade said as he saw down in the chair, careful of his side. He took a sip, then opened his mouth to say something but was cut off by his wife.

"I know why you're here!" Faith cut right to the heart of the matter. She glanced down at his powerful hands as they rested on the table, then looked back at his pale green eyes. They were the exact same shade as Cayson's. In fact the boy was a virtual carbon copy of his father. She mentally scolded herself for getting off track.

"You do?" Dark brows shot up in question. He could tell she was angry and she had every right to be. His heart sank a little.

"You can't have him!" Faith snapped. She needed to calm down, she did not need to lose control.

"Have him?" Cade's confusion increased.

"Stop playing innocent, you know exactly what I mean! You'll have to kill me first!"

"Kill you? What in the?" Realization dawned on him. His features softened and his spirits lifted slightly. "I'm not taking Cayson away from you, Faith. You're his mother."

"You, you're not?" He shook his head. "Then why are you here?"

"Do you have some more coffee because this is going to take a while?"

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