Chapter Three

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Okay guys, this chapter has a part of chapter two before I started editing certain things. So please if you don't mind reading again. Thank u.

" Oh my god! Oh my god! Did that truly happen?! " said Grace, happily.

My fingers went to my lips, and brushed it. I was so shocked. The feeling of his lips against mine was strangely still there. I didn't know how, but I enjoyed it actually. His lips were so smooth. To be honest, it was the best kiss, I had ever had. It wasn't my first, but it was a lot better to say the least.

" Brianna! He has claimed you, meaning no man will be able to look at you in that way. That's the racers' and fighters' way to claim girls. " said Grace, jumping up and down.

" If I knew that that would happen, I would have prepared you in a better way. Maybe a revealing dress. How much I regret choosing that for you? " she kept on bumbling about that, and I zoned out about what had happened. Did that truly happen?

" Brianna! Are you listening to me? " asked Grace, pushing me out of my thoughts.

" Yeah! What?! " I asked her, coming back from my mind.

" I think that we are not welcomed here. " said Grace, looking around.

" What?! Why?! " I asked her, looking around.

I found that everyone was glaring at me for some reasons. Boys and girls. I didn't know why, but I decided to ignore.

" Just ignore it. Act natural. " I told Grace, who nodded and looked at Tristan.

His race was about to begin. The referee started counting down.

" Three. Two. One. " that was all it took Tristan and his opponent to flow.

They were going in an incredible speed. Grace was cheering for her man. She was screaming his name, and encouraging him. I smiled a little, and then looked at the race.

Tristan was the first. The distance between him and his opponent was not that huge. Tristan's opponent increased his speed. He passed Tristan, causing Grace to scream a 'no'.

Tristan increased his speed again, and that all we saw. They reached a place that wasn't in our view. It was so dark, so no one could see a thing. It took them two minutes to come out again. Tristan was the first to come out.

Grace started cheering again. The other guy, who was racing, came out, but the distance between him and Tristan was quite large. Tristan increased his speed, and reached the ending line. I looked at Grace, and she was no longer there.

I looked at Tristan, and found her there. I face palmed, and then smiled. I went to the couple, who were now making out. When Tristan let go of Grace, I hugged him, and congratulated him.

I called mom back, and waited for her to pick up. She picked up quickly, and started yelling at me.

" Where were you? I was so worried! I called you more than thousands of times, and you never picked up. Didn't I ask you to call me when you reach there? And why didn't you tell me when you left? Didn't you know that I get worried about you easily? " she yelled.

" I am sorry, mum. We were having spa at her home, so I forgot to call. I didn't tell you because, I was in a hurry. Sorry! Don't worry about me! I am safe and sound. " I said, as she sighed.

" I know. Don't do that again! " she said, and I smiled.

" I promise. " I said, and she smiled a little.

" Okay! Enjoy! " said mum, then we said our goodbyes, and ended the call.

I let out a breath, that I never knew I was holding. I was afraid of her reaction. I thought it would be ten times worse. I laughed nervously, and then started walking back.

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