twenty eight

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*skip the breakfast*


'yes' he answered.

'so..are we going?'

'HEY BABY' Hayley sit beside him and kiss his cheeks.

'letsss head on to the mall' Hayley pull his hands and try so hard to make him get off from that couch.

'im lazy hay'

'u cant be lazy promise me to bring me out and spend time together right?' Hayley tried to persuade him again. Daniel just shake his head and close his eyes,pretending to be asleep.

'BABYYYY' Hayley purposely tryna' make me jealous.

'babe' Daniel open his eyes and look at me. 'do you wanna follow us?'

'uh its okay im tired' I fake a smile. 'well you should spend your time with gonna go to my room cos Im really tired.'

'yea see she understands me. Lets go bby!!'

'yeah yeah' Daniel answered lazily.

20:00 pm

@diana's room

Why am I jealous of them? Why Hayley called Daniel baby? What the fuck actually happen??? Do they have a thing behind my back? I ask myself. So many questions in my head and it still not answered yet. I heard footsteps from the outside and I quickly act normal.

'hey gurllll' Hayley exclaimed.

I look at her weirdly.

'uhm hey'

'I had so much fun,we ent shopping,'s your stuffs' she throw a bag of stuffs,probaby clothes and other things directly at my face.

'oops im sorry I didn't mean to..ok look we went shopping,we ate lunch,we spent time together oh and not to forget we kiss. HE KISS ME first fyi !!!!! don't misunderstand me first I mean that's really a great kiss. His lips are so soft. I mean we kiss a lot of times already but I felt like this is so much different. ITS REALLY DIFFERENT. Oh god I love today' she explain her day excitedly while removing her makeup.

'oh shit did I told u everything about what happen??' she turn and quickly sit on the bed,looking directly into my eyes.

'uhm yea but its okay im fine with it yea im glad u had fun!' I chuckled sarcastically. She nod her head and clap her hands and out of a sudden,she laugh like an evil woman.

'im so so so sos so sorry a hundred million times sorry to you!!!!! Look cmon tell me aren't you jealous of us?? He really loves me,love me more than you how bow dahhhh' she laughs again.

I bite my lips nervously.

'I-I don't un-de-derstand uhm what?' my tears are filling up in my eyes,trying so hard not to let any of it to fall off.

'I know u guys love each other and all but ok look. We have a thing last time right before u enter his life. I mean WE ARE A THING, IN A PROCESS OF GETTING' TOGETHER AND STUFFS BUT U RUIN I. U RUIN IT DIANA U RUIN EVERYTHING. U don't know how much I love him. I love him endlessly diana. I came here to get back to him. Trying to. But u're the cause of everything I swear to god diana pls exit his life and slo the boys life. I know they really love u so much its like ur their lil's sister or something. Idk whats so good about u I mean look at yourself and the mirror bitch. Ur ugly. U don't deserve Daniel Seavey at all. Did you know that??'

'enough' Tears started falling down my cheeks.

'just stop pls. look im sorry' I look down, kinda feel embarrass for breaking other people's relationship.

'I'll leave Daniel to you alright?' I lie down on my bed and cover my whole body with a blanket.

Hayley's pov

Yes. Mission accomplished. Tick one.

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