Chapter 24

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Andy dismounted and stepped onto the porch with them. "Don't you think we should ask him a few questions first?" A few of Sheriff Turner's men mumbled while Cole and Levi both agreed. "All right Cade, did you kill Bart Hurst?"

"What the hell kind of question is that? Of course he's going to say no!" The sheriff burst out with several of his men sniggering.

Cole gave them a look cold enough to shut them up. A couple of them visibly paled. They all knew who Cole Weston was and none of them wanted to get on his bad side. "Answer the question Cade." He said in a low tone.

"No, I didn't kill Hurst."

"See! What did I tell ya?" Turner chimed in again.

Andy cut his eyes at Turner but said nothing. The man was really starting to piss him off. Turning his attention back to Cade, he said. "Do you have anybody that can vouch for your whereabouts last night and this morning?"

Cade stood there for a moment, then cut his eyes over to Faith. "No, I don't."

"There's your answer boys!" Turner went to draw his gun but before he could, Cade's was cocked and pointed at his chest. "What the hell? Boy, if I was you, I'd be putting that up before someone gets hurt." The smallest hint of a tremor could be heard in his voice.

Faith glanced over to Levi, then Cole, both men had their eyebrows raised. Neither had seen Cade draw before. "How was he killed?" She asked.

"What?" Andy, Cole, Levi, Sheriff Turner, and Cade all asked at the same time. "I said, how was he killed and who found him?" All eyes went to Turner.

"He was shot."

"Where was he shot?" Faith asked. Her mind was racing. If they took Cade, he would never make it to a trial, Sheriff Turner would kill him. He might not even make it to town if Andy, Levi, and Cole didn't go with him. No, she would NOT let them take Cade to jail.

"He was shot twice, once in the gut and once in the chest." It was obvious Turner was becoming agitated at having to answer questions, especially ones asked by a woman.

Faith smiled slightly. "If he was shot twice, then there is no way Cade could have killed him. He never misses."

"He would if he was trying to make it look like someone else did it. Look, I'm tired of playing around here. Put that gun away boy and let's go." Turner took a step toward them.

"No!" Faith yelled. "Levi, do something!"

"Faith, there's nothing I can do."

"Andy?" She pleaded becoming desperate.

"Without someone to vouch for his whereabouts, there's nothing I can do either. Cade threatened to kill Hurst in front of his men and Sheriff Turner."

She stood there frozen for a moment then glanced at Cade, who gave an almost imperceptible shake of his head. Levi saw the exchange instantly a feeling of dread came over him. Dammit, I'm not going to like this, he thought to himself.

"I can vouch for Cade's whereabouts last night."

"We know he works here but you don't know what he did after you went to bed." Levi said, praying this wasn't going where he thought it was.

"Yes I do."

"What?" The men asked again.

"I can vouch for Cade's whereabouts, all night."

"What are you saying Faith?" Levi felt like he'd been punched in the stomach.

"I'm saying that Cade was with me all night." A crimson flush crept up her neck until she could feel her ears burn but she continued to hold her head high and her back ramrod straight. She refused to be ashamed about what happened between her and Cade. She wouldn't change a moment they'd spent together, even if she could.

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