twenty seven

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A year ago

Diana's pov   

'loooookkk who's here...with us' Daniel exclaimed.

'hey babee' I run up to him and kiss his soft lips.

'well hey okay guys gather here...this is Hayley. She's my best friend.' Daniel excitedly introduce her to us.

'oh hey im-'

'your daniel's gf, Diana Blue right? Well hey' I smile.

*skip introduce and everything*

The next 3 days after that,

'babe..lets go to the mall. Im so bored and we didn't spend too much time with each other especially the day Hayley came and stay with us' I persuade Daniel. Like seriously, he's been really busy ,spending time with Hayley.

'HEYYYY MORNINGG YALLSS' Hayley run down the stairs and run towards Daniel,pushing me away and kiss Daniel passionately.

I look at the rest of the boys and they look so lost too. I decided to help Jonah out preparing pancakes for breakfast.

'I love you Dani' Hayley wink at Daniel.

'ok that's so cringy' Zach decided to open his mouth.

'I know you're jealous of me and Daniel right' Hayley smirk at him.

I control my tears from falling and put aside all of my jealousy and concentrate on preparing breakfast for the boys.

Jonah whispers to my ear, 'don't worry. We're here for you if anything happen'

I look at him and smile.

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