"On the road to recovery"

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I looked out the window of the bus. It had been a week since I started going back to school, and I was feeling a lot better. Today, talk with Ana and her friends. Get to know them. 

Suddenly, the bus stopped as Malcolm ran on, panting and thanking the bus driver. He walked down the isle and stopped at my seat. 

"Can I sit?" Malcolm asked cautiously.

I blew air through my mouth and looked up. "Sure."

He sat down and hugged me. 

"What's this about?"

"Lani. I missed you." 

"I missed you too."

At lunch, I walked straight to Ana's table. 

"Hey. I'm in the mood to talk now. I'm Lani, by the way."

"Hi Lani, and you already told me your name. This is Lianne, Adrianna, Sophia, and Emma."

"Hi guys." 

We talked for a while, laughed, and exchanged numbers. I felt happy now. And grandpa would've wanted me to keep socializing and being friendly. 

"You know, you could've sat with us." Kevin said to me.

"Are you serious? I can sit with whoever I want."

"I know, but you shouldn't leave us just because we're Krelboynes."

"Kevin! You know that's not true. I feel akward being the only girl, if you haven't noticed already."

"What about Cynthia?"

"Ugh. Cynthia. I hate that bitch." I muttered.

Kevin's face suddenly turned pale as he looked at something behind me.

"What?" I exclaimed. 

I turned around and saw Cynthia staring at me, tears filling up her eyes. Even though she tried to snatch Malcolm from me, I could feel my heart soften.

"Oh shit." Ana muttered. "Someone boutta get beef with Lani."

"Cynthia. We need to talk." I said to her, grabbing her arm and pulling her to the benches on the far side of the lunchroom, where no one was sitting. 

"Ok. Listen. I saw you talking with Malcolm and my first thought was 'This little bitch tryna steal my man.'" I yelled as we sat down. "Explain that, then."

 Immediately after I snapped at Cynthia, I felt horrible. Sometimes I couldn't control my anger and I knew it. I always assumed it was normal, but when I moved to this stupid town, everyone started acting all butthurt and over sensitive. In my old school, people could be honest and they would have beef, but they woud end up resolving it. Now, as I looked at Cynthia, I could see her face turning flustered as she searched for a response. Her hand was even shaking. I looked back at her face and I saw her getting angry. 

"I'm sorry, I - " I started to say. 

Suddenly, she got up and slapped me in the face. I looked at her in shock, and before I could process it, we were yelling at each other, getting everyone's attention. Malcolm stood up and ran towards us. I could vaguely hear him screaming and trying to resolve the fight. People were standing around us recording the fight on phones or trying to get the attention of teachers.

"Why'd you have to act so rude to me?" Cynthia yelled.

"You know what? Fuck you. Just. Stop. Malcolm and I were dating, and then you come in and start flirting with him, and even kiss him." 

"I didn't know you guys were dating! I- I- " Cynthia shouted as a sob escaped her mouth.

"Ok. How about we talk about this where everyone can't hear us?" I tried. Just as I said that, Principal Rother ran out from the school building and beckoned for me and Cynthia. 


As we walked into the office, I felt a burst of thrill or euphoria. I couldn't tell, honestly. I glanced at Cynthia and she looked back at me with a humorous grin. I laughed quietly. 

"Sit down, girls. Let's talk." Rother instructed us, trying to seem calm, but a vein was bursting from his forehead.

This would be fun.

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