prologue ☾

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"La la la...
La la...
La la la..."

On and on, the same melody kept on repeating. The voice of a female was soothing enough to put him to sleep. However, he wasn't.

The village which was ever so lively, dancing around with music, singing along to their chants and beliefs, they all fell silent.

But why was the calming tone wasn't enough to set him at complete peace? To put him to sleep? So he can receive the eternal rest he deserved.

Moreover, why was he curious instead of falling under the spell that was put upon him?

——— ☾———

"The heart would only find peace once it meets what it longed for, to do so you must search for the source to obtain your eternal peace."

"What happens if the source disappears?"

"It will return."

"But what if it doesn't."

"If you are drawn to it, it is meant to stay with you."

However, it was all merely a deceitful wile. She vanished and brought along his tranquility whilst he prayed for her return.

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