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Megan’s P.O.V.

We’re all sitting there a couple days later watching ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2’. Niall and Erin sitting together feeding each other popcorn, because after their date Niall asked Erin to be his girlfriend and she agreed of course. Also Melissa’s sitting on Zayn lap since those two are going out as well. But, luckily I’m not the only single one here, Harry, Erika, Liam, and I are all sitting on the floor either Twittering or Tumblring. I scroll through Twitter and see countless girls calling me a slut, ugly, worthless, talentless, a waste of like, etc. and feel a lump in the back of my throat as I read them. I just don’t know why everyone sends me these things! What good does it do them?!

Before I can contemplate this anymore I hear laughing and turn to see Lauren and Louis walking in from their date. They’re holding hands and I wonder if Louis asked Laura to be his girlfriend which I know he wants to. He’s just nervous. I give Louis a look and raise my eyebrows and he nods in response. Which means they’re going out! Yay!

They sit down next to us and we resume with watching the movie. We’re at the part where they show all of Snape’s memories and I’m crying. This part is so sad! I lean my head on Harry’s shoulder and he puts his arm around me and rubs my shoulder comfortingly. 

As we watch it the door fly’s open to show a very angry Caroline standing there with a magazine in hand. She storms over to Harry and I, as Harry quickly takes his arm from around my shoulder because ‘ya know how Caroline gets’, and slaps me across the face.

“What do you think you’re doing slut? Stop trying to steal my boyfriend!” She screams and slaps me across the face again. Harry gets up and takes the magazine out of Caroline’s hand.

“Caroline, this is not what it looks like. We were just hanging out, nothing else! Stop slapping her. She didn’t do anything! And she’s already healing from that punch you gave her for no reason!” Harry yells and we all look at each other shocked, but happy.

“For no reason?!” Caroline yells, malice oozing out of her voice, “She called me a slut and a whore! And says that no one here likes me! And kicked me out!”

“But you called her, a slut and whore, talentless, ugly, and stupid. And did you notice how everyone here stood up for Megan? That’s because they all like her and not you! I’m sorry Caroline, but if you don’t stop being mean to Megan it’s over.” Harry says.

“Wait guys, what’s on the magazine?” I ask wondering why this whole thing started. Caroline shoves the magazine at me. On the cover is me hugging Harry after he helped me win the stuffed animal. Then on the inside there’s him with his arms around me and we’re about to shoot the basketball. With the headline ‘Has Heartthrob Harry Styles Found A New Woman?’, I look at it and realize where Caroline got that me and Harry were dating from. It did look like we were. “Oh…”

“Yeah, oh. So Harry you have to choose between The Slut or me.” She says and crosses her arms and Harry looks confused.

“Seriously Caroline? Are you really asking me to choose?” Harry asks looking really upset about it. “Fine it’s an easy choice.”

“Okay, great let’s go Harry!” Caroline says looking very pleased with herself.

“No, Caroline. I’m not gonna let you push me around anymore. It’s over. And don’t blame me for it when if you could have just gotten along with Megan we would probably still be together!” Harry says and Caroline looks appalled.

“Fine whatever you want Harry! I guess it’s over for us. But Megan watch your back bitch!” She says and slaps me one last time before storming out the room.

“Well, that was interesting…” Louis says trying to break the uncomfortable silence that was filling the room.

“Megan, are you alright?” Harry asks and gingerly touches my cheek. “She slapped you like three times!”

“Yeah, I’m fine. Just happy you finally broke up with her! No offence, we all just didn’t like her!” I say and he chuckles lightly.

“None taken. I’m happy I did too. I’ve been wanting to, I just wanted to wait for the right time.” He says and pulls me into the kitchen to give me some ice. “Are you sure you’re alright? She slapped you really hard.”

“Yeah, I’m fine Harry! Stop worrying! I don’t really care! The only thing I regret about it is not slapping her back!” I say and we laugh. I’m glad there’s no awkwardness after having magazines claim that we’re dating. There’s actually probably less, now that Caroline’s gone! I’m just happy that we are still close friends. No less, no more. And I’m content with us being just friends. At least I thing I am?

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