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Harry's P.O.V.

My girl sighs and looks at anywhere but me.

This can't be good.

"Because of what, Sophie?" I repeat, slightly more forcefully but then, just to my fucking luck, the elevator stops and a business man along with a couple and their two children enter the elevator.

Sophie digs her nails in my arm, begging me to let her stand on her own, but I ignore it. No way am I risking her fainting or anything like that, she'll just have to wait until we sit down at our table.

I squeeze us in the corner while the elevator coninues down and I whisper to Sophie:"This conversation isn't over."

What could she possibly be worried about?

Is there another boyfriend she got while we were separated?

Or worse... Did the fuckers do something to her and she's afraid she's pregnant?

Fuck. If that's the case... I don't give a shit how, but I'll bring each of them back to life and then torture them for the rest of my fucking life, keeping them just barely alive. That motherfuckers....

Sophie whimpers and I notice that my grip has gotten way too tight around her so I immediately relax my muscles and apologize to her, kissing her on the top of her head.

"Hey, weird question, but do you happen to be Dave Williams?" the father of the children suddenly ask and everybody's eyes are on me immediately.


I'm about to say "no", but Sophie immediately starts nodding her head. "Yes, he is."

The guy's face lights up. "Oh, dude, you're the bomb. I mean, you beat Michael Bisping! That's huge!"

I give him an awakward nod and a smile. "Thanks."

"Can I have an autograph?" he asks and looks at his wife, who starts searching around her purse for a piece of paper and a pen.

Motherfucker can't see that my hands are full?!

"Um..." I start, not really knowing what to reply. He's a fan, I guess and you're supposed to be nice to fans and all, but I don't want to let go of Sophie.

She pinches me and gives me a glare, lifting her brows. "Let go, Harry and sign it." she says with a smile and I don't even have a choice anymore, so I let her go, but still hold her by her waist and sign the fucking paper.

I almost sign Harry, but I stop myself just at the right moment and write Dave first.

This will be hard to get used to.

The guy grins. "Thank you so much! We'll cheer for you, okay?"

I give him another awkward smile and mumble "Thanks" again before thankfully the elevator stops and the awkward conversation is over.

"Thank fuck." I mutter to myself as I lift Sophie back up in my arms, ignoring her protests and begin to search for the dining room.

"I can't believe you're famous now, Harry." she whispers in my ear and I shake my head. "Me neither. And all I did was beat that asshole up."

"You've gotta tell me all about it." she grins and I get a vision of her with pompoms in her hands, Dave Harry Williams written on her forehead and her shirt as she jumps in the first row while I fight in the ring.

I can't decide if I like the picture or not.

"Yeah, yeah, as soon as you get something in your cute little tummy and tell me what you're worried about." I tell her and her enthusiasm vanishes instantly.

"We'll talk about that after we're done with eating, okay?"

I purse my lips and roll my eyes. "Can't you just tell me?"

"No." she mutters. "I can't just tell you."

I don't reply and thankfully see the sign Diner so I enter the big area. This whole place is not bad, I'm glad this hotel is here. The food better be good, too.

There are about 20 people in the diner, sitting and eating, and I notice the waiters walking around the place, so I take the liberty of sitting Sophie down by the table next to the glass wall, looking down on the forest around and below us; the hotel happens to be on a great location for an amazing view.

Sophie squeals from exitement when she looks outside. "Oh, my, this is gorgeous. Forests always seemed very homely to me, as weird as it sounds. I must've been a wolf or something in my previous life."

I watch her eyes trail over the green spreading out to the distance, a smile on her face along with a small blush on her cheeks. Het thin, long brows frame her face perfectly and I realize how much I really love this girl.

In a moment, a short moment in time that changes everything, I come to a conclusion.

There's no way I can let her get away again. And there's only one way to do that.

I need to buy a ring. As soon as possible.

I smile the biggest smile ever as the idea gets more and more appealing in my mind; I'd wake up with her every morning. I'd make her a breakfast and bring it to her before I'd fuck her brains out, make her scream my name every day.

At the end of the day, I'd come home to her and she'd make my dinner. She wouldn't have to work now that I've got more than enough money for both of us. She could spend her days writing, I'd build her a comfortable bench next to a big window so she'd be able to look on the London outside while she'd write.

Maybe I could move us to a place where there's a forest around since she loves it so much and Wolfie would have a big place to run around and while I'd be gone for training he'd watch over her.

Maybe some day we could have kids.


I take her hand and kiss it, and she smiles at me with a blush, having no idea what I just decided to do. Yes, we're both young, she's not even eighteen yet, but I feel it's the right thing.

It feels like the rightest thing I'll ever do.

"Why are you smiling like that? Did I do something?" she asks and I shake my head.

"No, it's nothing. I just love you very much, you know." I reply, and a sense of amazement washes over me like it always does because there was a time when I thought I'd never have the privilege to say those words.

It really is amazing how much the time changes things I think to myself as I stare at my future wife.


So here's the double update the lot of you requested of me!

Hope I didn't disappoint you with this chapter because Sophie still didn't tell Harry; she will soon, I promise.

Love, P.❤

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