Important note

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I M P O R T A N T     I N F O R M A T I O N      P L  E A S E     R E A D

Hello Readers,

I've thought long and hard about this situation.

I've had a pretty bad writer's block for a month and I can't think of any material to write. Many I can't think of any material to write for this specific fandom?

I really hope to get this book to 200 chapters. It's a dream and a good thing for you (more assclass content)

As the year is going to end soon, I've realised.

To be blunt, I've fallen out of the Assassination Classroom fandom. I don't want to end the book because I love making oneshots for you all. If I end it at 150, I'll feel lonely and sad. 

Like if I reached to 200 chapters it will give me a reason to move to another fandom and write. Yes, the fandom that stole my heart is Haikyuu.

Blame wattpad on Haikyuu.

I've also been struggling with Assclass writing. Scenarios or One shots the fandom is quiet and undercover. There are not much decent characters to write about. Whereas, Haikyuu has a whole variety around 50+ characters to write about.

I may seem selfish but recently I've been thinking about this.

Sorry for my inactivity. Please expect from now on one long oneshot each week, not every second day.

I really love assclass and I'm trying to take it to 200 chapters, if I was to do this I would have to take it slowly. I may not make sense but my heart tells me to write Haikyuu fanfic.

I love this book so much, although I'm a crappy author. Please support me (as in help me in my assclass book)

Sorry for those overdue oneshots, I have exams and I've been very tired lately due to stress. Thanks for the support, I need it and I rely on it.

- Kuurochii

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