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Dear Smartasses,


So a few fridays a month, a bunch of mine and Abby's and Mitchell's friends come over. The rule is over 13 and under 17.

And during that night, there are no couples. And we play games.

   Like hide and seek, tag, pocky (or pepero, depending on what we want), etc.

Last Friday we played the pocky game. So we play it spin the bottle way kinda.
We take a glass empty wine bottle and spin it, with all of us sitting in a circle. And it will land on someone and they have to spin the bottle again to see who they play with.

Abby is amazing at those games. All of them. For tag and hide and seek, she climbs up into the rafters and watches everyone else struggle to catch her. It also doesn't help that she is amazing at running in the rafters and she hides in shadows. For pocky, yes I know that it is not American games, we're not making fun of anyone. But abby in those games has this poker face, unless you know her REALLY REALLY REALLY well, that makes wonder if she plotting your death or what. And she never backs away from something.

So anyway, Caleb and I hadn't seen each other all week, so that was great. But anyway.

We sat in a big circle, abby beside a boy nicknamed Demon. But we spun the bottle and it landed on Abby, then Caleb.

Abby giggled and blushed, not sure if she was faking, but stood up and grabbed a pocky. She put half in her mouth and Caleb gently put his mouth of the other side. She ate the stick quickly, as did he, and they gently met in the middle. It was a gently peck. Like you might give your sibling on the check.

So we spun the bottle again. Basically we just continued to play.

Then IT happened. (No a clown didn't murder us all.)   The bottle landed on me then Caleb.
We met in the middle, and it was a needy kiss. It was sloppy, but comforting somehow. It went on for a while and then I hear Mitchell cough behind us.

He said "as much as most of us here like watching porn, we don't want to see it in real life."

We separated.

And sat down, and spun the bottle again.

Then SOMETHING happened. The bottle spun to Abby, then Demon. (Who like each other). Now abby was not joking, she really was blushing.

Demon picked a strawberry flavored pocky, Which is Abby's favorite flavor. And all of us are internally squealing, cause ALL of us ship them.

But the two of them deny the fact that either like each other. 

So they're standing up, and Abby puts the pocky in her mouth, and Abby closes her eyes (we force one person to close their eyes) and she goes to put the stick in her mouth, only for him to take the stick and pull it out of her mouth and kiss her.

And all of us watching are cheering. From my point of view, Abby stiffened, then relaxed. She moved her arms around Demon's head... then I looked away cause that's my sister.

"AHEM! You didn't do the pocky, you failures." Mitchell interrupted them.



I wrote this two days ago, and never published it. I'm a failure.

And yes, Abby's account is named Demon after him. They are best friends after all.

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