#17. Reconciliation?

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Brian looked around at the people who looked like they'd rather be anywhere else but in each others presence

Mona one other hand, her emotions were in between being anger and hurt, "This whole family is fucked up" she mumbled further, running a hand over her face

"Little girl, watch your mouth" Rich warned, "I don't care how old you think are, we still your elders"

Once again, Mona rolled her eyes, "Elders who have hidden secrets from me since birth" she countered

"So your revenge is to marry him?" Niko chimed in, not bothering to look at anyone, but to pick at his nails

Mona turn to face her father, "If this was something that I was doing out of revenge, I would've said that I'm pregnant by him" she sneered

She sighed, "I'm done" she whispered, standing, "I'm out" she chucked her parents the deuces, and walked out of her folks place

"Well, that was interesting" Zlie said a few seconds after Mona left, "So, do we have to do some damage control?" Moozlie asked, looking around the room to get a response from anyone

Kat nudged Moozlie, shaking her head at her. Moozlie shrugged, she thought that what she asked was a genuine question, "What?" Moozlie asked, "You know how she gets. This is far from over" she shook her head, looking at everyone in the room, then left

"She isn't lying" Niko rubbed his chin, watching as Brian left with Pac in tow

Two months later

"No, change that pattern" Mona spoke to the wedding planner about the design of her wedding dress, "That colour isn't the one I asked you to get" she went on, still on the phone, while looking at the images that her designer had sent to her via email

Ever since her last discussion with her family, she hasn't spoken to them, not even her so called friends Kat and Moozlie. Not like they hadn't been trying to contact her, but she was done being lied to, so whatever they wanted to say to her, she wasn't about to listen

In her eyes, Brian was the only person who had been transparent with her. Though he blamed it on the fact that she had a hold on him that he still couldn't understand, he still kept it one hundred with her

"Hey love" Brian walked in, and kissed her temple. Mona waved him off her, going back to talking to her wedding planner, and then emailing her the images of what she wanted changed

He smacked her teeth at her, "Pixie, don't be waving me off like I'm a fly" he kissed her neck, making her squirm, but she still pushed him away

Brian turned to leaned on the desk, facing forward. He rubbed his chin, staring at Mona for a minute, "Aye" he pulled on the sleeve of her shirt, "Don't get mad, ait" he looked guilty, and Mona didn't like it, so she ended her call, to give Brian her full attention

He looked back at the doorway he came through, "Yo!" He yelled, then looking back at Mona, "Don't trip okay, but this has gone on long enough. And I was down with you being angry, but family is what you need right now, and that's what you gonna deal with, so this shit can end" he stated, looking serious, but trying to be gentle as well

Once Brian was done with his speech, her folks and grandfather walked in, "What the fuck Bri?!" She looked at Brian with nothing but shock written on her face, "The fuck is this!" She pointed her hand at her parents and grandfather

"Watch your mouth young lady" Rich warned

Mona smacked her teeth, "Yeah, whatever" she rolled her eyes, about ready to walk out on whatever Brian was trying to do

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