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Jimin: Seulgi!

Seulgi: Yes? What's up?

Jimin: Are you and your group will be going to mama awards?

Seulgi: Yes. We'll be having our collaboration with NCT.

Seulgi: How about bts? Are you going?

Jimin: Yes we'll be going. And I'm looking forward to your collaboration!

Jimin: It would be litterally lit

Jimin: knowing you.

Seulgi: Well I know that.

Jimin: Mwo? What happened to you seul? I thought you're a shy person.

Seulgi: because it's meeeee

Jimin: Nice answer.

Seulgi: Thank you for complimenting my answer. She's flattered.

Jimin: No problem seul ;)

Seulgi: ;)

Jimin: You're naughty seul.

Jimin: and I like it.

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