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Sneak peek! guys you have been such great readers i written a new book. this is just the sneek peek however. so part two will come out on Christmas! 

i have gotten many request for a new Evansson story so here you all go. thank you for all your love and support and i hope y'all enjoy this long emotional journey that is Evansson.

Chris's POV 

On set for Avengers Age of Ultron.  

"Well you know Romain i have a job.....well maybe if you had a serious job you would be gone more often too......i don't care!" Scarlett was yelling at her husband on the phone as she walked through set to get to her dressing room. i was worried about her. everyday she would come to work in a bad mode or on the phone screaming at Romain....but if you see them in public it is like nothing is ever wrong with the two. 

"scarlett being scary again?" Chris H asked me and i nodded my head. 

"maybe we should go check on her." i said quietly. but everyone heard me and gave me a odd look. 

 "yeah i am good...go into the trailer of the lady who looks like she will crush her phone in a second." Robert said.  "do you have a death wish?" 

"guys we are her friends shouldn't we help her in her time of need? Cobie don't you agree?" 

"no when scarlett gets in this kinda mood i think it is best to leave her be." Cobie said as she walked passed us. she didn't even make eye contact she was busy looking at the script. 

"i got it."Jeremy  said. "you are just too nice. try being mean." 

"chris doesn't know how to be mean." Robert said with a laugh.  the other laughed as well and i took the chance to walk away from them and their annoying behavior.  i made my way over to scarlett's Trailer. When i arrived i didn't hear any yelling. that is a good sign right?  i knock on her trailer door and waited.  seconds later she opened the door and smiled sweetly. 

"Chris hey what are you doing here?" 

"i came to check on you...you seemed very stress earlier."  i said and her smile faded. 

"wanna come in?" she asked and i nodded.  

"are you okay?" i asked as we took a seat on her couch. she looked down at her hands the rested on her lap. 

" i honestly don't know." she said and i put my hand on her hand. 

"you can tell me." i said and she smiled looking up at me. 

"i know and i appreciate that but i need to think about some stuff right now. i don't wanna say something i regret. " she said and her smiled turned to a sad smile.  

"do you want some space?" i asked. 

"no please don't leave."  she said resting her head on my shoulder.  

" i won't i promise." i said with a smile. "i'm hear for you Scarlett." 

"thank you very much." 


We will have a vote. i can ether finish writting this book and post the whole story on christmas or just start on Christmas and do daily updates. please let me know what you guys want. the mejority of the vote wins. 

BTW hope you guys enjoyed the wonderfulness that is evansson.

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