Chapter Three

"Don't panic." Liam said.

"Don't panic? My best friend is waiting for me to drive her home, probably worried sick, and your telling me not to fucking panic?!" I said panicking. "This is great. Can this day get any worse? First I have to come to this stupid meet and greet. Then, trying to be a good friend, cause this whole big fucking scene just to get autographs. And now I'm stuck on this bus?! Oh my- if my parents find out.-I'm already in enough trouble for failing two classes. Now this? Oh god, what am I going to do?" I said pacing back and forth, doing that thing where I talk to myself when I'm angry.

"Zoey. Breathe." Louis said taking my face in-between his hands. "Get a hold of yourself woman."

"Okay, Liam, call Paul. See If there's any way we can turn this bus around. And Zoey..just calm down." Louis ordered. I nodded.

No need to panic Zo. Calm down. Remember how to breathe. In and out. In and out. This isn't fucking working. Oh my god, I'm screwed. I'm going to be in a shit load of trouble. 'Get a hold of your self Zoey' i thought, mentally slapping myself. They're going to turn the bus around, everything is going to be alright.

"They can't turn the bus around." Liam said, hanging up the phone.

"WHAT?! No. No. No. This isn't happening." I said to myself.

"Atleast not for another week. We have a concert in the next state over. But we're coming back here next week." Liam informed.

"The next state over?! That's it. I'm dead. Might as well start picking my fucking coffin out. How about purple, it's a nice color." I said.

"Well we're not planned to stop until we reach the next state. You can have some one pick you up there-"

"Ha! Why don't you just hand me the murder weapon so I can off myself before my parents do."

"Or, you stay here and we bring you back next week." Liam said.

"What am I going to do?" I said sinking into their couch. Yes their tour bus had a couch. "If my parents find out-"

"What do you mean if?" Zayn asked.

"They're out of town on a business trip for the next two weeks." I said.

"Perfect. We can play our show and get you home without your parents even knowing." Zayn said.

"Call-what's her name?" Liam asked.

"Cassie." Louis said before I got a chance to.

"Yes, Cassie. Have her cover for you."

"What about clothes?" I said trying to think of another excuse as to why I couldn't stay.

"Our stylist can get you clothes!" Louis informed. "All she ever does is dress us. She'd be glad to dress a girl."

"Although she has tried to give us rather feminine clothing a time or two." Niall said making me laugh.

"This is ridiculous. You can't actually believe I can stay a week with complete strangers." I said.

"There's nothing else we can do." Liam said.

"This can't be happening." I said to myself. "Alright, one week. Then you take me straight home."

"WooHoo! Slumber par-taaayyy." Louis shouted.

"You need to calm down, it's not that exciting. It's crazy if you ask me. I mean, it's not the craziest thing I've done; but it's pretty damn crazy." I said making my way to the back room closing the door to call Cassie.