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3 days later

Calum had texted and told Michael that he would get them coffee and that they could meet in a discrete place..... which turned out to be a small park next to a Starbucks, but oddly enough Michael wasn't too fazed and still went ahead as to plan

He waved shyly, recognizing Calum from afar. He was seated on a bench, cigarette in hand
        "Hey..." Calum was quiet when they came face to face. He took a final puff of his cigarette and then dropped it on the ground, stamping it out and popping a mint in his mouth "look I'm still sorry about the pict-"
Michael didn't need a second thought; he just did what his body told him to do, grabbing Calum gently, and kissing him. Calum dropped the coffee, at first frozen in shock, but then started to reciprocate, putting his tongue in Michael's mouth. "Don't be... I liked it" he breathed heavily, kissing him again
       "Let's go back to my place" Calum's heart was going a mile a minute. He grabbed Michael's hand, pulling them to his car, driving well over the speed limit to get home

Calum thrust open the door, kicking off his shoes
     "C'mere" their lips met again, more feverishly this time. Michael grasped at the buttons of Calum's shirt, opening it wide so that he could run his hands over his torso, pulling him close
Calum tugged at Michael's sweatshirt, letting him put his arms up, and slipping it roughly over his head "fuck you're so ho-" They were interrupted by a high pitched barking at their feet, making Calum laugh into the kiss "that's Duke"
Michael immediately stopped what he was doing, dropping to the floor to greet the tiny dog "hi Duke" his voice got soft, and he carefully stroked the dog, like he was afraid that if he pet him too hard he would break "hey buddy" he murmured, putting a kiss on his head. Calum followed suit and they sat on the floor, with their backs up against the couch. Michael continued to talk softly to the dog that was now sitting on his outstretched legs.

Calum chuckled at the scene, their 'about to have sex' was interrupted because petting a dog was more important; hilarious, but very understandable. He rested his head on Michael's bare shoulder "He likes you," Duke now had his eyes closed and was curled up in Michael's lap "And I like you too..." he added in a whisper, reaching a hand over to pet the dog
Duke rolled over, exposing his belly for rubs and panting "hey bubba" Michael smiled, scratching him "you like that?" Duke's tongue hung out of his mouth as he panted
Calum smiled- it was just a dog, but it was like a kid liking their parent's new partner; if Duke didn't like Michael, Calum wouldn't have been able to like him either
He watched Michael's shit eating grin grow wider as Duke curled into his lap, laying his head down and closing his eyes
      "n'night buddy" Michael whispered, rubbing his thumb over the top of Duke's head one last time. He met Calum's gaze, slowly leaning into kiss him
Their lips met and Michael's hand went to his jaw, and Calum's to Michael's hair "I'm glad he likes you" he smiled, laughing lightly, his hand resting on Michael's thigh "it took him weeks to finally warm up to Casey- he wouldn't let him touch him"
"Aw- thank you pup" he cooed, smiling at the dog "I love you too"
Calum snickered reaching over and petting his dog as well "want a drink?" He crouched, standing up to walk to his kitchen
        He nodded, still cooing at Duke "yes, thank you"

Calum returned with a glass of ice water for Michael and a bag of chips to snack on
"So how about your pool?" He grinned happily
"Wh'about it?" He cocked his head
       "Are we going in?" Michael smiled widely, still stroking Duke "I mean you did use it to entice me over here" he giggled
"Well ok then!" Calum nodded excitedly, reaching for the button of his pants and kicking them off "let's go"
   "I don't have a swimsuit..." Michael twisted his lips
"Aw don't let that stop you!" He jumped up, grabbing Michael's hand to pull him up as well "C'mon! C'mon!"  
       He nodded, grinning "oh... oh alright- let's go" he pulled his jeans down, running past Calum out the sliding glass door "c'mon slow poke!" He called, taking a giant leap into the pool, splashing everywhere
Calum laughed, plunging in after him and yelling happily

Michael grabbed at one of the inner tubes floating, climbing in it. Calum swam up and grabbed at the side, resting his chin "I'm happy you agreed to meet" he smiled
"Me too" he grinned

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