Chapter 1 (Update 1): Tomorrow Starts Today

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     "Today's just turning out like every other." Jack complained, slamming his locker shut. "It starts out alright, then turns  hellish within the first few hours of being awake." Jack sighed, looking over to his friend, Colby, who is listening to him rant.
     "Well, seems like you don't usually have any good days." Said Colby, leaning against one of the lockers. "So, I'm really guessing it's nothing new for you." He shrugged, "I'm starting to wonder if this is just some curse that could've been put on you." He laughed. "I mean, nobody else in the school has as bad of luck as you." He teased, poking Jack on the cheek.
      "Way to make me feel SO much better!" Jack sarcastically snapped, picking up his books.
           "Oh come on, I was just kidding. There are kids who definitely have it worse in this school." Colby said, taking his weight off of the lockier and picking up his bag. "We should probably get to class, the bell rings in a few minutes."
       "Yeah," nods Jack as he grins, "we probably should."

                      [About an hour later]
Period: lunch
Time: 11:30-12:30
Clique: the "outcasts"

              "So what'd you think about our 'new teacher'?" Simon asked his friends, Colby and Jack.
  "No offense to her, but she seems... off," Said Colby, with his arms crossed. Jack sat down at the table and joined the conversation.
  "What? Is she too joyful for you?" Jack laughed.
  "It's nothing like that!" retorted Colby, somewhat angered.
  "Then what'd you find 'off' about her?" Asked Simon. Colby sighed, shrugging. "I guess it's 'cause she's new that I don't really like her much. I guess it might just take time."
  "Wait, Jack? Why didn't you get any food?" Colby asked, chuckling. "You're usually really hungry at lunch, even going back up for seconds!" He smiled with concern, but still managed to slip a laugh in there. "Sometimes thirds..." He said under his breath, smiling.
       "I just don't have an appetite today." He said, crossing his arms.
  Simon slouched in his seat,  "There goes Jack, deep in thought again."
  "Thaaaat's a stereotype!" Colby said, looking at them both, taking another bite of his food. "Sooooo, do you guys want to do something after school?" He paused for a second, then continued speaking, "I know you two like creepy things, and there's an abandoned building in the woods near my house. We could explore it if you guys absolutely wanted to." He said taking out his phone and staring at his background. (like the beanboozled idiot that he is) "My parents always used to tell me that it's 'haunted', but I think it's time I tested that myth out for myself!" He grinned, "So, what do ya say?"
      Simon peeked back up, smiling, "I'd love to, but I have somewhere to be after school, I'm so sorry dude!" He scratched his neck in slight discomfort.
      After Jack heard what Colby was planning, he shot up, grinning from ear to ear. "I can't tonight, but maybe tomorrow we can all go!" He said, his voice very different from excitement.
      Colby laughed and said, "Okay, then it's settled. You guys should be at my house by 3:00 pm tomorrow. Y'know, since Jack likes to sleep in until 2:00 pm on the weekends."
      Jack looked slightly agitated from Colby's "comment", but then just brushed it off. "True." He said, sighing and grabbing his bag.
   That's when the intercom turned on: "Attention, all students of Cornhelle high school! After the bell rings for your next period, school will be dismissed, and you can all go home. Have a great weekend, everyone!"  *click*
   After that, everyone in the room was overjoyed (like anyone would be) and started to grab their things. Jack stood up and said, "Maybe I'll be up earlier this time." He gave a smug look to Colby as he slung his backpack over his shoulder. After that, he waved goodbye, packed up everything he needed, and headed on home.
Maybe today wasn't as bad as Jack thought it was. Or was that just his mind telling him that?

//word count: 686\\

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